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OST-2014-0113 - 2014 Small Community Air Service Development Program

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2014 Small Community Air Service Development Program

Order 2014-6-17

Issued June 30, 2014 | On File at Federal Register July 2, 2014

Notice of Order Soliciting Community Proposals

As Published in Federal Register July 3, 2014

The Department of Transportation is soliciting proposals from communities or consortia of communities interested in receiving grants under the Small Community Air Service Development Program.

The Department is authorized to award grants under 49 USC 41743 to communities that seek
to provide assistance to:

  • an air carrier to subsidize service to and from an underserved airport for a period not to exceed 3 years;
  • an underserved airport to obtain service to and from the underserved airport; and/or
  • an underserved airport to implement such other measures as the Secretary, in consultation with such airport, considers appropriate to improve air service both in terms of the cost of such service to consumers and the availability of such service, including improving air service through marketing and promotion of air service and enhanced utilization of airport facilities.

Priority Selection Criteria:

  • Air fares are higher than the national average air fares for all communities
  • The community or consortium will provide a portion of the cost of the activity from local sources other than airport revenue sources
  • The community or consortium has established or will establish a public-private partnership to facilitate air carrier service to the public
  • The assistance will provide material benefits to a broad segment of the traveling public, including businesses, educational institutions, and other enterprises, whose access to the national air transportation system is limited
  • The assistance will be used in a timely manner
  • Multiple communities cooperate to submit a regional or multistate application to consolidate air service into one regional airport

By: Brandon Belford


Order 2014-9-22

Issued and Served September 30, 2014

Order Awarding Grants

The proposals we selected incorporate the purpose of the statute, and provide opportunities to test a variety of approaches to improving small community air service in many regions of the country:

  • Eleven of the awards are made to communities proposing a revenue guarantee and/or marketing support as means to attract new carriers, restore lost service or capacity, and/or provide air travelers with access to additional markets. These communities are: Redding, California; Panama City, Florida; Columbus, Georgia; Boise, Idaho; Moline, Illinois; Columbus, Mississippi; Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi; Bozeman, Montana; Roswell, New Mexico; Cheyenne, Wyoming and Sheridan, Wyoming.
  • Two grants will be used by EAS communities to market the existing air service. These communities are Watertown, New York and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
  • Three grants will be used to market existing air service at airports in Montgomery, Alabama, Yakima, Washington and Rapid City, South Dakota.

By: Susan Kurland



Ex-Parte Letters to


Mayor of Anderson County, TN
Mayor of Campbell County, TN

Mayor of Knoxville, TN
Mayor of New Haven, CT

Port of Portland Executive Director

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA)
Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)


Executive Director of Caddo Bossier Port Commission (Shreveport, LA)

Mayor of Delhi, LA

Congressman Blake Farenthold (TX-27)
Congressman Doc Hastings (WA-4)
Congresswoman Terri Sewell (AL-4)
Congressman Juan Vargas (CA-51)

Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)
Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL)
Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA)

Senator David Vitter (R-LA)
Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS)

Congressman Blake Farenthold (TX-27)
Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC)

Mayor of Chatham, LA

Senator John Thune (R-SD)
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-5)

ArkLaTex Area President George Campbell
Colorado State Representative Diane Mitsch Bush
Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam

Roane County, Tennessee Executive Ronald Woody
Wyoming State Representative Kathy Coleman

Monroe, Louisiana Housing Authority Executive Director Frank Wilcox
Albemarle County Virginia County Executive Thomas Foley
Alcoa, Tennessee Mayor Donald Mull
Bossier City, Louisiana Mayor Lorenz Walker
Hayden, Colorado Town Manager David Torgler

Shreveport, Louisiana Mayor Cedric Glover

Congressman Vance McAllister (LA-5)
Springfield, Illinois Mayor Michael Houston

Congressman Bill Cassidy (LA-6)
Congressman Bill Flores (TX-17)

Lake Providence, Louisiana Mayor Robert Amacker
Sangamon County, Illinois Board Chairman Andy Van Meter
Springfield Airport Authority Executive Director Mark Hanna

Craig, Colorado City Councilman Raymond Beck

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Congerssman Rodney Davis (IL-13)

Louisiana State Representative James Fannin
Louisiana State Representative Rob Shadoin
Louisiana State Senator Francis Thompson

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory

Congressman John Duncan, Jr. (TN-2)
Loudon, Tennessee City Manager

Charlottesville, Virginia City Manager

Atlantic Aviation Regional Manager

Louisiana State Representative Andy Anders

Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee

By: Susan Kurland






July 2014

Proposal of Huntsville International Airport - Huntsville, Alabama

Federal amount requested: $500,000

After AirTran launched service, with assistance from a SCASDP 2010 grant, HSV’s leakage to other airports was recaptured and fares declined. In fact, HSV dropped as low as eighth on the BTS list of domestic air fares. HSV was one of the initial 16 small communities that lost AirTran service due to the merger with Southwest, and coupled with the “capacity discipline” by all the carriers we began to see an increase in market leakage and fares again.

To achieve considerable and long-term air service enhancement, HSV needs a sustainable air service program that is mutually beneficial for the community and the carriers. The Airport adopted an incentive program to offer airline incentives up to $2 million. This incentive can be used by multiple carriers, to offset current or future airport costs for a two-year promotional period, with the goal of promoting new passenger service which will reduce the number of passengers driving to other airports. The objective of the program is for the airlines to provide an innovative approach to reduce our leakage. The airline(s) must offer a program which can be readily advertised and substantially reduce the number of passengers driving to alternate airports. The grant will supplement the Airport’s established incentive program by offsetting the start-up/station costs and marketing costs.

By: Huntsville Int'l Airport

2002 SCASD Proposal
2003 SCASD Proposal

2004 SCASD Proposal

2006 SCASD Proposal
2009 SCASD Proposal

2013 SCASD Proposal - Huntsville International Airport

July 31, 2014

Proposal of Montgomery Airport Authority - Montgomery, Alabama

The Montgomery Regional Airport is seeking a modest Small Community Air Service Development Grant for promoting, marketing and advertising the benefits of supporting the regional airport. The Airport is requesting $200,000 in federal funds matched with local, non-airport funds of $60,000 to aid in this endeavor. The Montgomery Regional Airport has had continued air service reductions over the last decade. The primary goals for the Airport are to expand the current customer base, increase local awareness on the ease of traveling from MGM and to attract additional air service. Montgomery Regional Airport, up until this point, has not received federal aid through the SCASD Grant. The air service climate has changed dramatically, with carriers now expecting Airport partners to assist in marketing of the service without aid from the Airline directly, leading to an environment where additional air service development will be extremely difficult without the help of a SCASD Grant.

Due to the lack of travel options and awareness over the existing abilities of the carriers serving MGM, the majority of the Montgomery catchment area passengers use alternate airports in the region. Just 24% of the area passengers currently use Montgomery Regional Airport.

By: Chip Gentry

2005 SCASD Proposal
2009 SCASD Proposal
2013 SCASD Proposal - Montgomery Regional Airport



July 2014

Proposal of Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport - Bullhead City, Arizona

There is clearly demand for scheduled air service in the Laughlin-Bullhead market. Airlines clearly have interest. Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport simply ran out of time to finalize a deal before the expiration of its pervious Grant award. This application will renew the Airport’s Grant, with a change in amount and scope due to a larger community cash match, totaling more than $900,000, and a new focus for air service development. The Airport looks forward to working with the DOT again, and securing the community’s first scheduled airline service in more than a decade in 2015.

By: Mohave County Airport Authority

2008 SCASD Proposal - Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport



July 2014

Proposal of Indian Wells Valley Regional District - Inyokern, California

Inyokern has had the unfortunate event of losing all commercial air service in November 2013, which necessitates their request as a first-time applicant for a SCASD Grant. There were several factors that caused this demise. For years Inyokern has had the distinction of having the highest air fares in the continental United States! Competition and flight levels have dwindled over the years. In addition the air fares kept rising to a point where fewer than 8% of area travelers would fly from Inyokern Airport for air service. In 2012 average one-way fares peaked out at an astronomical $503. Inyokern seeks for a fresh start by relinking Inyokern Airport with the national transportation system with a new carrier and new pricing. This will be a difficult task and the community believes the assistance of a SCASD grant will substantially assist with the process.

The Airport is seeking a total of $500,000 in federal assistance; $450,000 is to provide a revenue guarantee to a carrier to restore service to a hub city. The remaining $50,000 is for marketing and advertising of the new service.

By: Scott Seymour

OST-1998-3520 - EAS at Inyokern, CA - Inyokern Airport

July 2014

Proposal of City of Redding - Redding, California

The City of Redding is requesting $450,000 in federal assistance to implement a $500,000 airline assistance program to retain access to the air transportation system by preserving critically important commercial air service in the Redding market.

The number one air service issue in the Redding market is the reduction of SkyWest Airlines’ Embraer Brasilia 120 service. Recently, there have also been several EMB-120 service cancellations including cessation of service at Klamath Falls, Oregon, and Modesto, California, and the elimination of the EMB-120 aircraft at Portland, OR. Reduction of smaller turboprop service is a well-known industry issue and is likely to continue. The solution for RDD is a regional jet upgrade to RDD’s existing hub service, San Francisco International Airport.

SkyWest (United Express) is the sole service provider at RDD with three daily roundtrips to SFO, operated with the 30-seat EMB-120 turboprop aircraft. If SkyWest continues to reduce their EMB-120 service, RDD is at serious risk of losing access to the national air transportation system. The impact of the loss of air service would likely be severe, with loss of local jobs and a negative impact on the local economy. This application is intended to mitigate the potential loss of air service and its negative impact on the economy.

By upgrading existing EMB-120 turboprop service to the 50-seat Canadair Regional Jet 200, RDD will benefit from increased seat capacity and maintain access to the air transportation network even if frequency is reduced. Compared to other markets of similar geography and population, RDD is significantly underserved. A SCASDP grant award will assist RDD with securing a regional jet upgrade which will retain air service and increase seat capacity, making RDD more comparable to other communities.

By: City Manager Kurt Starman

2003 SCASD Proposal
2004 SCASD Proposal

2008 SCASD Proposal - Redding Municipal Airport

July 2014

Proposal of San Bernadino International Airport Authority - San Bernadino, California

We are requesting a SCASD grant amount of $500,000 to offset anticipated airline startup costs and for the specific purposes of i'ncreasing the likelihood and retention of the successful introduction and sustainability of airline service in the Inland Empire region of Southern California - a key node in the National Air Transportation System.

The Southern Ca lifornia Association of Governments forecasts that by 2035, SBD will experience a demand for over 3.3 million annual passengers. However, since SBIAA's inception in 1993, only commercial charter, governmental, and military flights have provided passenger service from the Airport.

To provide commercial passenger flights for residents within SBD's catchment area, and the greater region, SBIAA is seeking to incentivize airline costs during the first two years of new airline service. In furtherance of its military base reuse obligations, the IVDA has authorized a grant to SBIAA in the amount of $200,000 for use in commercial airline incentives in concert with this application to attract and retain service during these critical first two years of airline operations. If awarded, incentives would include offsets of the following fees and services:

  • Terminal Rents
  • Marketing incentives
  • Airport Fees
  • Ground Handling Fees

By: Michael Burrows - San Bernadino International Airport




July 2014

Proposal of Montrose Regional Airport - Montrose, Colorado

The community’s grant request is for $500,000 in funding for revenue guarantee purposes to attract western US air service access, with a specific emphasis on the San Francisco Bay Area. The grant request will be matched by Colorado Flights Alliance with $125,000 in cash, for a total of $625,000. In addition to the revenue guarantee, a specifically targeted marketing and advertising campaign will be launched to promote this service. It is envisioned that this proposed service will be seasonal, as winter season is the peak of traffic at Montrose Regional Airport.

By: Board of County Commissioners

2002 SCASD Proposal
2003 SCASD Proposal
2005 SCASD Proposal

2012 SCASD Proposal
2013 SCASD Proposal - Montrose Regional Airport



July 2014

Proposal of Tweed New Haven Airport Authority - New Haven, Connecticut

The Federal Amount requested in the grant proposal is $640,000. The “Local Match” will be an additional $260,000 in matching cash or 29% of the combined dollar amount. Local funds will be provided by the Economic Development Corporation of New Haven, a private non-profit organization, dedicated to business and economic development within the City of New Haven. Together, these two amounts will combine for a total of $900,000 in cash to be used to provide revenue assistance to US Airways to upgrade its existing Dash-8 aircraft at HVN to regional jets.

The Tweed New Haven Airport Authority has been in discussions with US Airways regarding the eventual upgrade of service at HVN. The carrier has expressed interest in upgrading HVN’s flights to jet service provided some level of revenue assistance were made available to them. Once the SCASDP funds are acquired, the Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport Authority will notify US Airways of the grant receipt and begin discussions for upgrading the service during the first half in 2015.

By: Diane Jackson

2002 SCASD Proposal
2003 SCASD Proposal

2004 SCASD Proposal

2006 SCASD Proposal

2007 SCASD Proposal

2013 SCASD Proposal

OST-1997-2915 - EAS at New Haven - Tweed New Haven Airport



July 2014

Proposal of Columbus Airport - Columbus, Georgia

The Airport is developing a strong incentive package for its recruitment of American service to Charlotte. This Grant application is a major part of that package. In anticipation of applying for this Grant, the Airport developed a community cash match of $175,000 for the project. This cash will be used for both revenue guarantee funding, to guard against an airline’s losses in the start - up phase of new service, and marketing money.

The Airport is requesting a Small Community Air Service Development Grant of $750,000 to be used as a revenue guarantee. The total project cost is $950,000. The Airport anticipates using 90% of the total funding as a revenue guarantee for the new route.

By: Richard Howell

2002 SCASD Proposal
2007 SCASD Proposal
2007 SCASD Proposal Withdrawal - Columbus Airport

July 2014

Proposal of Gemstone Homes & Properties - Tucker, Georgia

The indicated amount of outright funds that is requested from USDOT is $7,000,000.00 for 12 months

By: Eric Davis - DeKalb Peachtree Airport



July 29, 2014

Proposal of Boise Airport - Boise, Idaho

Boise is at an increasing disadvantage in attracting and expanding its now-vibrant high-tech economy due to lack of access to the US East Coast. The grant is intended to be used as a revenue-guarantee for Delta Air Lines for access to its global hub at Atlanta.

The Airport and the Community are requesting a grant in the amount of $700,000, with a local hard-dollar match in excess of 33%, to attract and establish access to an additional east-oriented connecting hub. Delta Air Lines has indicated interest in meeting this deficiency with service to its hub at Atlanta, with the potential of JFK as an alternative.

By: Boise Airport

2012 SCASD Proposal
2013 SCASD Proposal - Boise Airport


July 2014

Proposal of Lemhi County - Salmon, Idaho

To support the growth to maturity and sustainability, the partnership is requesting a $250,000 revenue guarantee from the US DOT. This will be combined with $194,400 of local cash and in-kind contributions.

SCASD Grant funds will be used to:

  • Restore scheduled air service between SMN and BOI via a 3 year REVENUE GUARANTEE
  • Up to $20,000 each year to develop and carry out a marketing plan for the route including pre-launch startup marketing and year-round post-launch strategic marketing

The majority of DOT funds will be applied to revenue guarantee with a portion going to marketing the route. Revenue guarantee funds will only be used if pre-determined monthly traffic and revenue goals are not met. Funds unused during the 3 year project will be returned to the DOT.

By: Terri Morton

2013 SCASD Proposal - Lemhi County Airport




July 2014

Proposal of Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria - Peoria, Illinois

MAAP is currently engaged in a process of revamping our air service development program. We are conducting market analysis of our current and projected traffic flows to determine the best application of a revenue guarantee to restore pricing balance and recapture leaked traffic. We anticipate that any of six hubs could be selected as a target for a revenue guarantee. We are currently analyzing these targets to determine the best strategic outcome that will result in the highest return of leaked passengers with the least negative impact on existing routes or carriers. The Airport Authority’s request under the SCASDP will involve completing this market analysis with funds for a revenue guarantee to follow.

The Airport Authority has conducted an analysis of passenger flows, anticipated revenue streams, and an estimate of airline operating costs for flights to determine the level of support needed in the form of a revenue guarantee. MAAP’s experience with the revenue guarantee to Atlanta has influenced our analysis and calculation of the costs and likely revenue streams. Based on this experience, a revenue guarantee of between $900,000 and $1.3 million would be anticipated for service to the New York area, the Washington, DC area, Charlotte, NC, or the Houston area.

The Airport Authority is proposing a partnership in funding this project with a combination of SCASDP funds, Airport Authority funds from non-airport revenue sources, and in-kind contributions from the Airport Authority. MAAP is requesting a federal share of $500,000 for this project, matched by local funds in excess of the federal share.

By: Gene Olson

2004 SCASD Proposal - Illinois Commercial Airport Coalition
2005 SCASD Proposal
2006 SCASD Proposal
2007 SCASD Proposal
2008 SCASD Proposal
2012 SCASD Proposal - General Wayne A. Downing-Peoria International Airport

July 31, 2014

Proposal of MidAmerica St. Louis Airport - St. Clair County, Illinois

Allegiant’s success on the Orlando/Sanford route proves that MidAmerica can be an effective low fare airport for the St. Louis area. MidAmerica recently met, in person, with Allegiant planners who did discuss the expansion of local service to other points in Florida. Allegiant expressed the need to additional marketing in the St. Louis region before the launch of additional service, as it works to draw more passengers, not only, from the metro east counties, but also from the Missouri counties in the catchment area.

The Airport has defined its role as the low cost alternative to Lambert. In order to recruit additional service, the Airport is seeking its first Small Community Air Service Development Grant. It intends to use $200,000 in Grant funding, matched by $50,000 in non-airport local cash, to offer marketing incentives to carriers launching service to new non-stop destinations. This service will help replace lost airline seats, provide additional competition in the region, and better serve one of the most underserved markets in the Midwest.

By: St. Clair County

2013 SCASD Proposal

OST-2001-10711 - EAS Termination at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport - MidAmerica St. Louis Airport



July 2014

Proposal of Lake Cumberland Regional Airport - Somerset, Kentucky

Pulaski County Government seeks a grant through the USDOT Small Community Air Service Development grant program on behalf of its partners, the Somerset- Pulaski County Development Foundation and the Lake Cumberland Regional Airport in the amount of $1,000,000. The community has successfully recruited air service which meets its needs, contingent upon the establishment of a short-term minimum revenue guarantee fund while the service provider builds the market to a fully sustainable position.

Following the departure of Locair, the Somerset - Pulaski County Development Foundation retained the services of L.B. Schmidt & Associates, LLC for the purpose of re~starting the recruiting process. This included the development of a new market profile for the 16-county region and the identification of potential airlines. Recruitment efforts centered on airlines which could offer service using 19-passenger turboprop aircraft. Meetings were scheduled and presentations were given to representatives of various airlines, including Great Lakes Airlines, Gulfstream International Airlines (now Silver Airways) and US Airways Express. Additional discussions were held with representatives from Delta Air Lines, Mesaba Airlines, and Pinnacle Airlines.

Through this process, a working dialogue was established with Corporate Flight Management, which is based in Smyrna, TN and is the largest operator of BAE Jetstream J31/J32/J41 aircraft in the United States. This led to a proposal for air service which was received on July 17, 2013.

The immediate goal for SME is confirm the proposed service of CFM/PC to SME.

By: Pulaski County

2002 SCASD Proposal
2004 SCASD Proposal

2005 SCASD Proposal

2013 SCASD Proposal - Lake Cumberland Regional Airport




July 2014

Proposal of City of Monroe - Monroe, Louisiana

Objectives of Program:
Establish new routes to the Monroe Regional Airport that have from 5000 to 7000 passengers annually.

Primary Objective:

  1. Establish new routes from the Monroe Regional Airport to Denver

Secondary Objectives:

  1. Establish new routes from the Monroe Regional Airport to Orlando
  2. Establish new routes from the Monroe Regional Airport to Las Vegas

The Monroe regional airport plans to make available the full share of the federal portion of the funding for this project at least $500,000 for a revenue guarantee to the new carrier, to cover losses that may occur during the first six months of service.

By: Mayor James Mayo

2002 SCASD Proposal
2006 SCASD Proposal

OST-2005-20454 - EAS at Monroe - Monroe Regional Airport

July 2014

Proposal of Shreveport Airport Authority - Shreveport, Louisiana

The Shreveport Airport Authority, operator of Shreveport Regional Airport, respectfully submits its application for a grant under the Small Community Air Service Development Program in the amount of $500,000. This grant funding would be matched by $250,000 in local and airport funding, waived airport fees, and advertising via local media outlets, making for a total grant of $750,000.

If awarded the grant, the Shreveport Airport Authority’s goal is to work with existing and potential new entrant carriers to attract and recruit new Upper Midwest or East Coast nonstop service. The Airport and community have identified several route options for this potential new service:

Chicago, Washington DC, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Detroit

By: Bryant Francis

2002 SCADS Proposal
2005 SCASD Proposal
2006 SCASD Proposal
2007 SCASD Proposal

2008 SCASD Proposal
2009 SCASD Proposal

2013 SCASD Proposal

OST-1999-5614 - Shreveport-Chicago (O'Hare) Slots - Shreveport Regional Airport




July 2014

Proposal of Westover Metropolitan Development Corporation - Chicopee, Massachusetts

Westover Metropolitan Airport is requesting a Small Community Air Service Development Program Grant in the amount of $250,000 with a local matching share of $125,000 and airport in-kind incentives valued at $311,000 to market, advertise and promote low-cost carrier service to one or more destinations and, in particular, to fund ground handling services for the low-cost carrier service. The Airport is targeting either Allegiant Air or Frontier Airlines to provide the low-cost service.

Westover Metropolitan Airport has all of the facilities and FAR Part 139 certifications needed to begin airline service immediately and accommodate up to 100,000 passengers per year with only minor changes to the existingterminal building facilities.

By: Allan Blair

2011 SCASD Proposal
2012 SCASD Proposal
2013 SCASD Proposal - Westover Metropolitan Airport



July 20, 2014

Proposal of Golden Triangle Regional Airport - Columbus, Mississippi

Over the past decade, Golden Triangle Regional Airport has become the gateway and the center of $5.5 billion in major industrial development and investment. Today, despite the influx of this global business, GTR market has only three daily flights – totaling only 150 seats each way – to the Delta hub at Atlanta. Because capacity has not matched the explosion in the region’s global economic expansion, these flights tend to be full and result in both spillage of traffic, as well as high fares.

This situation is specifically what the Small Community Air Service Development Program was created to address. GTR and the region it serves today require additional air service access to satisfy, support, and maintain the economic growth that this region of Mississippi has experienced.

To that end, the Airport and community are requesting a grant in the amount of $750,000, with a substantial local match, to recruit service to a westbound air gateway. This would be branded service on the American system to Dallas/Ft.Worth International, the United system to Houston Intercontinental, or the United system to Denver. A minimum of two daily round-trip flights are the goal. The grant funds will be matched by $500,000 in local cash (for a total of $1.25 million) plus fees and waivers representing another $200,000 of in-kind support.

By: Michael Hainsey

2002 SCASD Proposal
2004 SCASD Proposal
2007 SCASD Proposal

2011 SCASD Proposal - Golden Triangle Regional Airport


July 30, 2014

Proposal of Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport Authority - Gulfport, Mississippi

The Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport Authority is seeking a grant in the amount of $350,000 from the Small Community Air Service Development Program to provide revenue and marketing support for the development of nonstop service to MSP. The grant funds will be matched with $150,000 from public-private partnership, $50,000 in Airport funds, and $81,600 in Airport In-kind funds.

Due to recent airline mergers and acquisitions, the scheduled air service offerings from GPT have declined considerably. However, an exciting and realistic opportunity presents itself to reverse the decline in air service at GPT. Sun Country Airlines will operate from GPT to PIE, 5 times a week beginning in August 2014. This service is a 1-to-1 replacement for service recently lost when Vision Airlines, operating on behalf of the Beau Rivage Casino, ceased operations in June 2014.

The entry of Sun Country into the GPT market provides a unique and innovative opportunity to enhance the air service offerings at GPT. Our proposal is to begin 3x a week service from GPT to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. This service will both increase the low fare offerings at GPT and enhance the economic opportunities on the Mississippi Gulf Coast by providing direct, non-stop service from Minneapolis/St. Paul to the Coast.

By: Clay Williams

2005 SCASD Proposal
2009 SCASD Proposal
2010 SCASD Proposal
2011 SCASD Proposal - Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport

July 2014

Proposal of Jackson Municipal Airport Authority - Jackson, Mississippi

The continued consolidation of the US airline industry has resulted in Southwest Airlines’ determination to cease service at Jackson. JMAA has held preliminary discussions with Allegiant to fill in part of the service deficiency caused by the Southwest departure, with leisure flights to points in Florida. The airport and the community are seeking a grant in the amount of $200,000 to provide funding to support the first year of ground handling for Allegiant. This will be matched by $40,000 in local community funding.

Jackson was awarded a grant to implement and support nonstop service to New York/Newark. The service was initially a success, but the costs of operation were increasingly hampered by the congestion and air traffic control issues in the New York area, ultimately making the economics of the flight untenable for the operator, Continental.

By: Dirk Vanderleest

2003 SCASD Proposal
2006 SCASD Proposal
2010 SCASD Proposal - Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport




July 2014

Proposal of Branson Regional Airport - Branson, Missouri

Over the course of the next several years, the Airport intends to work with additional network carriers to reconnect Branson to the central and eastern regions of the United States. Approval of this Grant application will greatly enhance Branson’s ability to “kick start this national air service development effort.” We believe by targeting increased capacity initially through Buzz Airways to Chicago and Houston and Alaska Airlines to Los Angeles and Seattle makes the most sense. Alaska Airlines would represent a new network carrier for the region. They do not currently serve any airports within four hours of Branson.

The Airport has never been awarded a SCASD Grant. The airport has developed $350,000 in local non-airport cash from members of these two groups to combine with the requested amount for $450,000 in federal funding. The airport will also provide in-kind contributions of up to $100,000 in airport handling fee reductions.

By: Pamela Laboi

2012 SCASD Proposal
2013 SCASD Proposal - Branson Airport




July 31, 2014

Proposal of Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport - Bozeman, Montana

The air service deficiency that exists at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is the limited southern US air service access, and the intent of the grant is to incubate new southern US service to Dallas-Ft. Worth. The airport and community partners have given serious consideration to the Department of Transportation’s guidance on a multi-faceted approach to the use of the funding, and a portion of the cash funding will be for risk abatement as well as a strategic marketing/advertising plan in order to help ensure the self sufficiency of the route. The details and specifics of the grant implementation plan are outlined in detail later in the application.


2011 SCASD Proposal - Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

July 2014

Proposal of Great Falls International Airport Authority - Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls International Airport is proposing Small Community Air Service Development Grant funding in the amount of $500,000 for a for a minimum revenue guarantee for service to Chicago on American Airlines or United Airlines or service to Atlanta on Delta Air Lines. Service to Chicago or Atlanta would provide better connections from Great Falls to destinations on the East Coast (and the Midwest in the case of service to Chicago). Connectivity from Great Falls to both the East Coast and the Midwest is somewhat limited to existing service offered by Delta via its hub in Minneapolis/St. Paul, service offered by United via its hub in Denver and seasonal less-than-daily service on Frontier via its hub in Denver.

By: John Faulkner

2005 SCASD Proposal
2010 SCASD Proposal

2011 SCASD Proposal - Great Falls International Airport



July 2014

Proposal of Mineral County - Nevada Consortium - Hawthorne, Nevada

Support Letters

The Consortium is seeking $500,000 in federal funding through the SCASDP Grant for the Project.

This application is structured using a Public Private Partnership framework. Airlines like Great Lakes terminated operations once they were forced to operate like an unsubsidized airline, shutting down their air service as of March 31, 2013. The per passenger subsidy to exceeded $1500 and correspondingly Great Lakes Airlines dropped flights from Merced and Visalia along with closing their Las Vegas terminal. HSA's business model is predicated on HSA being the Logistical Access Catalyst for Rural Nevada. In this role, HSA would function as the enabler of commerce to these communities and redefine aspects of movement for business to these locations where rubber-tire access is the predominant mode for transportation now.

By: Nevada Consortium

2012 SCASD Proposal - Hawthorne Airport


July 31, 2014

Proposal of Cities of West Wendover and Elko - West Wendover/Elko, Nevada

Federal amount requested: $950,000

Our application seeks funding for reinstated service for the Elko, Nevada community via Elko Regional Airport and new service to West Wendover, Nevada/Tooele County, Utah communities via Wendover Airport, to Reno International Airport. This is envisioned as a single roundtrip route, RNO-EKO-ENV. The Order says our application should help secure air service enhancements that will be responsive to our air transportation/air fare needs on a long-term basis after the financial support of the grant has expired, and our application is crafted to do explicitly this.

A decision was reached to solicit SeaPort, Inc. and their Caravan equipment for the route, and ultimately a 30-seat aircraft. Both SeaPort and the consortium agree that there will be a ramp-up period of passengers and revenue until the carrier reaches a nominal market share. In this instance, it is assumed that the ramp-up period will take approximately six months.

Four scenarios are presented:

  1. 9-seat (Caravan/PC-12) service for 24 months
  2. 9-seat service for 24 months
  3. 30-seat servcie for 24 months
  4. 9-seat (Caravan service for 12 months plus 30 seat service for 12 months.

By: West Wendover City Manager Chris Melville

2003 SCASD Proposal (Elko)
2004 SCASD Proposal (Elko)
2007 SCASD Proposal (Elko)
2008 SCASD Proposal

2002 SCASD Proposal (West Wendover)
2003 SCASD Proposal (West Wendover)
2009 SCASD Proposal (West Wendover)
2011 SCASD Proposal
 (West Wendover)

2013 SCASD Proposal (West Wendover/Elko)

OST-2004-19821 - EAS at Elko - Suspension of Service - Wendover Airport - Elko Regional Airport

New Mexico


July 31, 2014

Proposal of The City of Alamogordo - Alamogordo, New Mexico

The City of Alamogordo, a municipal corporation within the State of New Mexico, is in the process of publishing a Request for Proposals to solicit carriers interested in providing services to and from the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX metropolitan area. This RFP is being carried out after a commercial airline service company expressed a strong interest in providing services to the area. Alamogordo, in collaboration with communities in the Otero-Lincoln County area, is submitting this proposal to the Small Community Air Service Development Program to fund a revenue guarantee pool and to support initial marketing. The investment for this grant will allow for the City to develop self-sustaining regional jet service for the area. It is anticipated that the selected airline carrier will use a 70 passenger Embraer Regional Jet nineteen times a week.

By: City of Alamogordo

2013 SCASD Proposal

OST-1996-1901 - EAS at Alamogordo/Holloman AFB - Alamogordo-White Sands Regional Airport


July 2014

Proposal of City of Roswell - Roswell, New Mexico

The City of Roswell, the sponsor of this Small Community Air Service Development Program grant application for Roswell International Air Center, in cooperation with the Southeast New Mexico Air Service Coalition is requesting $450,000 in federal assistance to implement a $1,575,585 air service initiative. The City of Roswell and the Coalition are continuing their successful public-private partnership. This partnership has a history of air service success, including a 2007 SCASDP grant award and implementation. This application is requesting assistance with a different project and goal
than the previous grant.

The goal of this grant application is to acquire nonstop westbound service to a major connecting hub. To achieve this goal, the Strategic Plan targets nonstop service by American Airlines to Phoenix-Sky Harbor International Airport.

By: City Manager Larry Fry

2006 SCASD Proposal
2012 SCASD Proposal

OST-2007-28305 - EAS at Roswell - Roswell Air Center

New York


July 31, 2014

Proposal of Town of Islip/Long Island MacArthur Airport - Islip, New York

Federal amount requested: $400,000

The funding from this grant would be used to develop additional service at ISP in a way that begins the next phase of air service development at ISP. The Regional Planning Association report commissioned by the Port Authority identified ISP as the primary regional airport that can provide immediate benefits to the NY region. Further air service development at ISP will provide the following benefits to the region:

  • More efficient use of airspace
  • More efficient use of existing airport infrastructure
  • More efficient airline operations and marketing
  • Positive environmental impacts from passengers making shorter trips to the airport

By: Robert Schaefer

2013 SCASD Proposal - Long Island MacArthur Airport

July 31, 2014

Proposal of Niagara County Department of Economic Development - Niagara, New York

The NFIA Stakeholders Group is seeking a $500,000 grant from the USDOT to:

  1. Broaden community awareness of the economic and social benefits of the NFIA, and marketing the NFIA for new air carrier service with non-competing routes.
  2. Augment costs supporting the NFTA’s financial incentives for air carrier services as revenue guarantees. The community and Stakeholders Group will continue to support marketing incentives provided by the NFTA.

NFIA currently has two airlines in operation -- Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Travel.

By: Samuel Ferraro

2011 SCASD Proposal - Niagara Falls International Airport

July 2014

Proposal of Watertown International Airport - Watertown, New York

The Watertown International Airport is seeking a federal Small Community Air Service Development Grant for the development of a strategic marketing plan to promote, market, and advertise the benefits of supporting the local community airport. The Airport is requesting $250,000 in federal funds matched with local funds of $75,000 to aid in this project. The Watertown International Airport currently has limited EAS air service through American/US Airways at this time. The primary goal is to expand their current customer base through an aggressive marketing and community outreach plan which showcases the benefits of the Airport. Watertown International Airport, up until this point, has not requested federal aid through the SCASD Grant. The air service climate has changed dramatically over the last several years and the Airport finds itself in an environment where improving the marketing capability of the Airport is essential to long term growth and eventual exit from the EAS program.

By: Grant Sussey

2005 SCASD Proposal (Massena, NY)
2010 SCASD Proposal
(Massena, NY)
2011 SCASD Proposal
(Massena, NY)

OST-1997-2842 - EAS at Massena/Ogdensubrg/Watertown, NY - Watertown International Airport

North Carolina


July 2014

Proposal of City of Concord - Concord, North Carolina

Concord Regional Airport represents the best opportunity to bring more wide-ranging low cost air service to the region. Allegiant will operate four flights per week from Concord to Orlando-Sanford in the coming fall. But Concord needs additional flights to truly be able to bring low fares to the Charlotte metro area.

The Airport and its private partners have developed $50,000 in funding to help recruit additional low cost flights. The Airport is seeking $250,000 in federal Small Community Air Service Development Grant funding to support this effort by being able to offer a marketing incentive for new routes.

By: Rick Cloutier

2007 SCASD Proposal for 11 NC Airports
2008 SCASD Proposal for 23 NC, SC and GA Communities
2009 SCASD Proposal for 7 NC Airports
2013 SCASD Proposal - Concord Regional Airport



July 31, 2014

Proposal of Ardmore Development Authority - Ardmore, Oklahoma

This application is submitted for assistance in the marketing and start-up costs for establishing a Part-135 On-Demand service at the Ardmore Municipal Airport. Under Part 135, we will have the flexibility to perform a limited number of small passenger routes and provide on-demand service.

By: Ardmore - Ardmore Municipal Aiprort

South Dakota


July 2014

Proposal of City of Rapid City - Rapid City, South Dakota

The Rapid City Regional Airport proposes an expansion of a recently-introduced seasonal, Saturday-only Atlanta service to a daily, year-round, non-stop flight. The airport, along with the public-private Black Hills Air Service Partnership, would build public awareness for this improved air service through a $500,000 strategic marketing initiative. This improved air service would increase capacity at RAP by
approximately 7%, mitigating the rate at which the airport’s average fare increases, all in an economically self-sustaining way (after initial marketing support). Delta Air Lines has indicated their support for expanded RAP-ATL service.

To fund this marketing initiative, this grant proposal calls for $325,000 of DOT SCASDP funding and $175,000 of local, non-airport matching funds, in addition to approximately $25,000 in landing fee waivers provided by the airport. Funding this air service improvement project would help alleviate the burden of high fares paid by travelers to and from Rapid City, and would greatly encourage economic development throughout the Black Hills region.

By: Peter Girtz

2002 SCASD Proposal
2009 SCASD Proposal

OST-1998-3545 - EAS at Rapid City - Suspension of Air Service - Rapid City Regional Airport




July 2014

Proposal of Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority - Chattanooga, Tennessee

The plan for grant implementation is to address considerable air service deficiencies due to a lack of northeastern US access from the greater Chattanooga region. Specifically, there is a strong community of interest between the Chattanooga region and the New York City metropolitan area, and the objective of this grant application is to gain nonstop access to the NYC metro region.


2002 SCASD Proposal
2003 SCASD Proposal
2004 SCASD Proposal - Chattanooga Airport


July 30, 2014

Proposal of Knoxville, Tennessee - Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville has historically suffered from high airfares resulting from a lack of significant low-fare airline competition at Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport. The Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority and our public/ private support organization The Competitive Airfare Partnership have crafted a reasonable, realistic plan that will help reduce the cost of air travel to and from the East Tennessee region. Our plan will benefit not only our local residents, but also countless thousands of business and vacation travelers who are either being forced to pay high fares, or are electing not to travel at all due to the unreasonable cost.

By: Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority

2002 SCASD Proposal
2003 SCASD Proposal
2008 SCASD Proposal
2009 SCASD Proposal - Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport

July 2014

Proposal of Millington Airport Authority - Millington, Tennessee

Millington Regional Jetport is seeking a Small Community Air Service Development Grant in the amount of $250,000 for marketing and ground handling assistance to help secure its first scheduled air service. The Jetport is targeting an ultra-low-cost airline such as Allegiant or Spirit for service as an alternative to the service operated by airlines at Memphis International Airport. Millington Regional Jetport can offer either airline lower rates and charges than the rates and charges the airlines would pay at Memphis International Airport.

The grant will assist with the start-up with no-cost ground handling and a marketing program for a period of two years to support new air service at the Jetport. Earlier this year, the Jetport held preliminary discussions with Allegiant Air to begin the recruitment process, and has continued the discussions with Allegiant. The proposed service of Allegiant at Millington can be compared to Allegiant’s successful service at Concord, North Carolina, where Allegiant serves Concord as a low-cost alternative to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The proposed ultra-low-cost service will fill a void for residents of Millington and the rest of Southwest Tennessee.

By: Roy Remington - Millington Municipal Jetport



July 30, 2014

Proposal of Texas A&M University - College Station, Texas

The Research Valley Air Service Partnership has been formed to foc us the efforts and resources of the community, in conjunction with the proposed assistance of the US Department of Transportation, to achieve several specific goals:

  • Secure additional services and nevw route(s) linking CLL to hub airports, including incumbent and new-entrant airlines;
  • Reverse passenger leakage to other airports (with a focus on leakage to Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport);
  • Strengthen the basis for economically viable growth in air services at CLL, using a combination of community marketing and incentives to airlines to mitigate potential risk; and
  • Serve the community's air service needs to a higher extent than at present, in recognition of the current and future growth in air travel demand being generated by demographic and economic growth in the region.

Our application requests that a grant of $525,000 be made available for the development and implementation of the Easterwood Air Service Action Plan. The proposed grant will be combined with $175,000 in cash funding and $50,000 in in-kind funding from the Partnership to fund the Action Plan.

By: Rex Janne

Order 2005-3-3 - EAS at College Station - Allowing Suspension of Service - Easterwood Airport

July 2014

Proposal of County of Victoria - Victoria, Texas

Beginning in late 2014, the airport is changing air carriers and initiating higher quality regional air service, connecting Victoria to new hub destinations including Austin and Dallas-Ft Worth. Taking advantage of the Alternate Essential Air Service program, Victoria will assume a greater hands-on role toward controlling and managing air service, with funds directly received from DOT which can be used to incentivize the airport’s new air service provider. This change is expected to provide the platform for dramatically improving the utilization of air service both for the region’s travelers and for visitors alike.

To help re-introduce travelers to the improved equipment, new schedules, and destinations available as a result of the shift to AltEAS, the County of Victoria is seeking $100,000 in federal funds from the Small Community Air Service Program to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing program. If granted, the County intends to use the SCASD funds (in addition to $50,000 of its own funds plus $15,000 in in-kind services) to conduct an aggressive and sustained television, radio, print, and social media marketing campaign to recapture what was until recently, a growing number of passengers using the airport. The target audience will be focused on the business community, not just locally, but also toward industry and leisure travel representatives in who regularly visit the region.

By: Judge Donald Pozzi

OST-2005-20454 - EAS at Victoria - Victoria Regional Airport




July 30, 2014

Proposal of Charlottesville-Albermarle Airport Authority - Charlottesville, Virginia

The Partnership has been formed to focus the efforts and resources of the community, in conjunction with the proposed assistance of the US Department of Transportation, to achieve several specific goals:

Support existing commercial air services to insure that they maintain current frequency, capacity and gauge at CHO;

Reverse passenger leakage to neighboring airports, especially Richmond International Airport and Washington Dulles; and

Serve the community’s air service needs to a higher extent than at present, in recognition of the current and future growth in air travel demand being generated by demographic and economic growth in the region.


2003 SCASD Proposal
2004 SCASD Proposal
2010 SCASD Proposal - Charlottesville Albemarle Airport



July 2014

Proposal of Tri-Cities Airport - Pasco, Washington

While Tri-Cities Airport has solid service to a number of hubs, Los Angeles ranks as the market’s number one destination, averaging 145 passengers per day each way. However, only 51% of those passengers use Tri-Cities Airport, with the others “leaking” to airports in Seattle/Tacoma, Spokane and Portland.

The Airport has developed more than $104,000 in local cash matching funds for this Grant. It is seeking $750,000 in federal assistance to provide a revenue guarantee to a network carrier for Los Angeles service. This amount will allow it to mitigate risk for the new carrier, as well as provide marketing to help curb its passenger leakage.

By: Ron Foraker

2002 SCASD Proposal
2013 SCASD Proposal - Tri-Cities Airport


July 2014

Proposal of Spokane Airport Board - Spokane, Washington

Federal amount requested: $750,000

This objective of this proposal is a revenue guarantee and accompanying marketing program to attract year-round service to American Airlines’ Dallas-Ft. Worth hub. With American Airlines and US Airways recently completing their merger to create one of the largest airlines in the world, the DFW hub will not only allow for air service access between Spokane and the southern United States, but also create convenient and efficient one-stop connectivity to many international destinations.

By: Lawrence Krauter

2011 SCASD Proposal - Spokane International Airport


July 2014

Proposal of City of Yakima - Yakima, Washington

Federal amount requested: $290,000

Over the recent past, however, since 2007, Yakima, and its market catchment area, has funded development of commercial aviation through participation of private and public entities. This includes the consortium that raised $650,000 in incentives to bring Sky West/Delta to Yakima, and operate nonstop service to their hub in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, even though the service produced enough demand to sustain its operation, the service was dropped in the fall of 2008 due to the combination of a deep recession and Delta’s merger activities with Northwest.

The number one objective of the application of the Grant is to start a new route from Yakima to Portland by year 2. PDX is by far the preferred Alaska hub after SEA, and strengthen the other catchment area.

By: Sean Hawkins

OST-1998-3533 - EAS at Yakima - Suspension of Service - Yakima Air Terminal-McAllister Field




July 31, 2014

Proposal of Outagamie County Regional Airport - Appleton, Wisconsin

With a one-time investment of $200,000 in a fully-automated parking system, ATW could save $150,000-200,000 per year. Over the next three years, that could total up to $600,000, thereby recovering twice over the initial investment.

By: Outagamie County

2003 SCASD Proposal
2009 SCASD Proposal
2011 SCASD Proposal
2012 SCASD Proposal
2013 SCASD Proposal - Outgamie County Regional Airport

July 28, 2014

Proposal of Chippewa Valley Regional Airport - Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The Airport is seeking $150,000 in federal assistance to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan for the promotion of the airport. The proposed marketing plan would utilize grant funds to develop a full strategic marketing strategy and advertising plan to use as a guide for all future initiatives and ensure all airport marketing activities are aligned with achievable goals and industry demands. The grant funds would be used to advertise the airport based on the recommendations of the strategic marketing plan.

Eau Claire’s current air service is operated by SkyWest Airlines operating 50-seat regional jet aircraft on twice daily service to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. SkyWest operates the service under a codeshare agreement with United Airlines, and the service is marketed using the United Express brand. The SkyWest service replaced previous Mesaba Airlines service operated under a codeshare agreement with Northwest Airlines in early 2010.

By: Charity Speich

OST-2009-0160 - EAS at Eau Claire - Termination of Service
- EAS at Eau Claire - Chippewa Valley Regional Airport



July 2014

Proposal of Cheyenne Regional Airport - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne Regional Airport is applying for a Small Community Air Service Development Grant in the amount of $200,000, combined with state and local public and private funds to establish a minimum revenue guarantee to secure and market new airline service to a large hub or airport with substantial regional draw. Total funds available for this minimum revenue guarantee are $1 million, including in-kind contributions, fee waivers and marketing funds.

Federal funds will account for 22% of the revenue guarantee.
State and local funds will account for the remaining 78%

By: Cheneynne Regional Airport Board

2002 SCASD Proposal - Cheyenne

2005 SCASD Proposal - Wyoming DOT
2013 SCASD Proposal - Wyoming DOT

OST-1998-3493 - EAS at Cheyenne - Cheyenne Regional Airport


July 2014

Proposal of Sheridan County Airport - Sheridan, Wyoming

Only one airline serves Sheridan currently. Sheridan seeks a Small Community Air Service Development Grant to fund a revenue guarantee for nonstop service to a large hub by a second airline, securing the community’s link to the national air service network.

Sheridan County Airport proposes funding a portion of this revenue guarantee with a $500,000 Small Community Air Service Development Grant. Federal funds will be combined with $1.3 million in cash funds from the State of Wyoming and $450,000 cash from local sources

By: John Stopka

2012 SCASD Proposal - Sheridan

2005 SCASD Proposal - Wyoming DOT
2013 SCASD Proposal
- Wyoming DOT

OST-1998-3506 - EAS at Sheridan - Sheridan County Airport


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