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DOT Domestic Aviation Competition Series

Airport Competition Plans - Air Fare Data

JetBlue Qualified Check Airman Petition

Statement of Operations for Fourth Quarter 1999: *

ASTA's Complaint Filed with DOJ

Space Transportation May Eventually Move into More Airplane-Style Operations - H.R. 2607

US-Argentina Service Proposals Chart

ATA Member Customer Service Plans

Comparison of Airline "Customer Service Commitment" GAO Correspondence to Senator Wyden

Chinese Airline Alliance Unity Key to Aviation Success

Reopening of Comment Period for Interpretation of High Density Rule

Aviation Agreements Eliminate Need for Tariff Filings 
DOT Press Release - Copy of Rule Available Monday Morning, July 19th

Southwest Files Suit Against Orbitz

DOT Letter to Orbitz from April 13th | HTML Version

USA v American - Summary Judgment   HTML Version

Air New Zealand Fined For Failure to Disclosure Codesharing Arrangements

Airlines Report A Profit Fall

Fees for FAA Services for Certain Flights - Supplemental Comments of ATA of Canada, Air France, Air New Zealand, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, LTU and Qantas

Letter from Continental, Delta and Northwest to Secretary Mineta Concerning US-UK

Request of the Regional Airline Association To Stay New Flight Time Limitations and Crew Rest Requirements

United States and Poland Sign Open-Skies Aviation Agreement

Fees for FAA Services for Certain Flights - Federal Register

Observations on FAA's Automated Surface Observing System - DOT IG Memorandum