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Foreign Airline Operators' Revenues and Expenses in the United States - Commerce Department Invites Comment on the Continued Need to Collect the Information

Changes in Permissible Stage 2 Airplane Operations - Rights and Requirements Under Air 21

Overflight ATC Services Fee Letter

FAA Aging Aircraft Rulemaking

Occupational Safety and Health Issues for Airline Employees - Meeting in December

FAA Comment Notice on Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures

Geriatric Jet Meeting October 13-14 at FAA

Airport Improvement Program Grant Assurances; Proposed

Passenger Facility Charge Audit Guide for Air Carriers

Niagara Falls Joins Airport Privatization Program

Change of Application Procedure in Military Airport Program

FAA to Rigorously Enforce Flight Crew Rest

Compliance for Flight Deck Certifications - Factors to Consider When Reviewing an Applicant's Proposed Human Factors Methods

Correction to LaGuardia Lottery Allocation Notice

Notice of Market-based Actions to Relieve Airport Congestion and Delay - Federal Register

Federal Register Notice for Extension & Allocation of LGA Lottery