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Past Headlines


Improvements Needed in DOT’s Process for Identifying Unfair or Deceptive Practices in Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

Unravelling Open Skies - McGill University Occasional Paper Story Series - Allan Mendelsohn - December 2015

A4A Sues City of Portland Over Utility Fees - Alleges Fees Paid by Airlines Cover Costs Not Associated with Airport - $4 Million Per Year for Offsite Stormwater Management

US-Japan Aviation Talks to Bring Daytime Trans-Pacific Flights to Tokyo Haneda - US State Department Press Release -  Japan Civil Aviation Bureau Press Release (Japanese) - Five New Daytime Slots, Reduction in Nighttime Slots from Four to One Beginning in October 2016

European Aviation: First Environmental Report Points at Sustainability Challenge

Flights to College Bowl Games - Notice to Colleges and Universities

Tarmac Delay Policies: A Passenger-Centric Analysis

EU General Court Decisions: Air Canada | Air France (French Only) | Air France-KLM (French Only) | British Airways | Cargolux | Cathay Pacific | Japan Airlines | KLM | Lufthansa | Lufthansa and Swiss | MartinairSAS

The Economic Impacts of Air Service Liberalization - Updating the 2006 Study to Reflect the New Realities of Commerical Passenger Aviation

Justice Department Files Antitrust Lawsuit to Block United's Monopolization of Takeoff and Landing Slots at Newark Airport

Disclosure of Seat Dimensions to Facilitate Use of Child Safety Seats on Airplanes During Passenger-Carrying Operations - Final Rule Requires Carriers Conducting Doemstic Flag Operations to Make Available on Their Web Sites Information to Enable Passengers to Determine Which Child Restraint System Can be Used on Airplanes in These Operations

New Information Collection - Online Request for Disability Accommodation Under the Air Carrier Access Act

Complaint of Eldad Gatt v Kuwait Airways - Petition for Review of Eldad Gatt / DOT Conclusion of Investigation

Update of Overflight Fee Rates - FAA Proposes to Increase the Rates for Enroute and Oceanic Overflights Based on Fiscal Year 2013 Cost and Air Traffic Activity Data

The Unfriendly Skies: Consumer Confusion Over Airline Fees - Senate Minority Report

Unmanned Aerial Systems - FAA Continues Progress Toward Integration into the National Airspace - GAO Report

DOT Letter to Five US Airlines Regarding Possible Price Gouging - Concerns Aftermath of May 12 Amtrak Crash - Letter Sent to American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and United

FAA Final Order on Environmental Impact - Policies and Procedures

Devivo, Sniado and Holt v. Delta, American, Southwest and United - Class Action Complaint

Bidgoli, Hunter and Migdal v. American, Delta, Southwest and United - Class Action Complaint

Elliott Blumenthal v. American, Delta, Southwest and United - Class Action Complaint

Small Community Air Service Development Program - Order Accepting Proposals

Senator Blumenthal Letter to Attorney General Baer - Allegation of Anti-Competitive Behavior by US Airlines

EPA - Proposed Finding that Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aircraft Cause or Contribute to Air Pollution that May Reasonably be Anticipated to Endanger Public Health and Welfare - Proposed Rule and ANPRM

Oversight of the Transportation Security Administration: First-Hand and Goverment Watchdog Accounts of Agency Challenges - Senate Homelan...

Aviation Security - TSA Has Taken Steps to Improve Oversight of Key Programs, but Additional Actions are Needed - GAO Testimony

TSA Projects Taking in $33,953,217,429.00 in Civil Aviation Security Fees by 2023 - Adjustment of Passenger Civil Aviation Security Service Fee

Denied Boarding Compensation, Domestic Baggage Liability Limits, and Civil Penalty Amounts; Revisions

Estimate of the Impact on Emissions of a Reduction in Air Passenger Duty in Scotland

Benefits of Preserving Consumers' Ability to Compare Airline Fares - Charles River Associates Study

FAA Reauthorization: Air Traffic Control Modernization and Reform - Senate Transportation Committee Hearing - May 19

Aviation Safety - Proposals to Enhance Aircraft Tracking and Flight Data Recovery May Aid Accident Investigation, but Challenges Remain - GAO Report

Unmanned Aerial Systems - Actions Needed to Improve DOD Pilot Training - GAO Report

Transportation Security: Are Our Airports Safe? - House Oversight & Government Reform Hearing - May 13

Aviation Security - TSA Has Taken Steps to Improve Oversight of Key Programs, but Additional Actions are Needed - GAO Testimony

Enforcement Policy Regarding Mistaken Fares - Notice of Current Policy

IATA Resolution 787 - Letter from Six Senators to Secretary Foxx

Tarmac Delay IG Audit - February 10, 2015

Restoring Open Skies: The Need to Address Subsidized Competition from State-Owned Airlines in Qatar and the UAE

Conflict Zones Involving US Codeshare Partners

Audit Initiated of the Impacts of DOT’s Tarmac Delay Rule

Export-Import Bank - Joint Comments of Delta, Hawaiian and ALPA on Norwegian's Application for Long-Term Loans or Financial Guarantees

FlyersRights.org - Petition for Rulemaking - Limitation on Change Fees for Int'l Flights

U.S. Airports Support U.S. Open Skies Agreements - ACI-NA Letter to Secretaries of Commerce, Transportation and State

Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems - NPRM

NPRM Regulatory Evaluation - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems - FAA's Office of Aviation Policy and Plans - Economic Analysis Division Proposes Rules for Drones

Policy Regarding Proposed Airline Mergers and Acquisitions

US-Cuba- Notice Advising on Expansion of Opportunities

Commercial Aviation: Raising Passenger Facility Charges Would Increase Airport Funding, but Other Effects Less Certain - GAO Report

Delta - Enforcement Proceeding and Proposed Assessment of Civil Penalties (Codeshare Disclosure)

United Airlines v. Port Authority of New York & New Jersey - Part 16 Complaint

Norwegian Air Shuttle Complaint with EU and ESA - Differential Treatment of SAS and Breach of Regulation 1008/2008

Norwegian Air International Will Create American Jobs, Boost Tourism and Give Americans Affordable Transatlantic Airfares - Bjorn Kjos' Speech at the International Aviation Club in Washington, DC

Airport Privatization - Limited Interest Despite FAA's Pilot Program - GAO Report

Policy and Procedures Concerning the Use of Airport Revenue; Proceeds From Taxes on Aviation Fuel

Impact of Fuel Price Increase on the Aviation Industry - GAO Report

The Filed Rate Doctrine - Transpacific Passenger Air Transportation Antitrust Litigation - Memorandum and Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motions for Sumarry Judgment

EU's Article 29 Data Protection Working Party to Closely Monitor IATA's New Distribution Capability

Vueling Airlines v. Instituto Galego de Consumo de la Xunta de Galicia - Spanish Law Requiring Airlines to Carry Checked-In Baggage Without a Surcharge, Infringes EU Law

Audit Initiated of DOT's Ovesight of Airlines' Frequent Flyer Programs

House Passes Bill to Limit TSA Airline Security Fees - TheHill.com / Text of HR 5462

Rockefeller Opens Inquiry into Airline Passenger Fees and Consumer Data Privacy Policies - Letter to Alaska Air, American, Delta, Hawaiian, jetBlue, Southwest, SkyWest, Spirit, United and US Airways

Airline Competition - The Average Number of Competitors in Markets Serving the Majority of Passengers Has Changed Little in Recent Years, but Stakeholders Voice Concerns about Competition - GAO Report

TSA - Adjustment of Passenger Civil Aviation Security Service Fee - Interim Final Rule; Request for Comments

Slot Record Amendments for LaGuardia Airport - Notice of Submission Deadline

Airport Funding - Aviation Industry Changes Affect Airport Development Costs and Financing - GAO Testimony

Aviation Safety - FAA's Efforts to Implement Recommendations to Improve Certification and Regulatory Consistency Face Some Challenges - GAO Tesitmony

Status of DOT's Actions to Address the Future of Aviation Advisory Committee's Recommendations - GAO Report

Airline Mergers: Issues Raised by the Proposed Merger of American Airlines and US Airways - GAO Testimony

Airline Industry Consolidation - Senate Transportation Hearing

IATA Global Passenger Survey

CTA Decision No. 239-C-A-2013 - Are Swiss' Terms and Conditions of Carriage Relating to the Cancellation of Tickets with Erroneously Quoted Fares Clearly Stated?

Delta v. Export-Import Bank - Opinion of US Court of Appeals for DC Circuit

Gabor Lukacs against WestJet - Agency Orders Carrier to Provide Denied Boarding Compensation for Flights To and From Canada

FAA and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Reach Agreement on Airport Safety Violations - FAA Press Release

NextGen Air Transportation System - FAA Has Made Some Progress in Midterm Implementation, but Ongoing Challenges Limit Expected Benefits - GAO Report

Supreme Court Won't Hear Airline Appeal of Ad Rule - Upholds DC Circuit Court of Appeals' Ruling from July 2012 Against Allegiant Travel, Southwest and Spirit Airlines

National Airspace System - Airport-Centric Development - GAO Report

FAA Makes Tower Closing Decision - FAA Press Release

European Commission Proposes New Measures to Strengthen Air Passenger Rights

European Commission Memo on Passenger Rights - Frequently Asked Questions

Gilstrap v. United - Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Opinion Regarding Air Carrier Access Act

EU Court of Justice Rules in Favor of Mr. Folkerts - Passengers on Connecting Flights Must Be Compensated When Their Flight Arrives at the Final Destination at Least Three Hours Late | Judgement in PDF

Love is in the Air - American Airlines and US Airways Press Release

Alternative Methods for Collecting Airport Passenger Facility Charges - GAO Briefings to Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Guidance on Review and Approval of Public Charter Prospectuses

Quarterly Survey of Foreign Airline Operators' Revenues and Expenses in the United States - Notice of Reporting Requirements by Bureau of Economic Analysis

European Antitrust Commission Market Tests Commitments from Star Alliance Members Lufthansa, United and Air Canada Concerning Transatlantic Cooperation

Screening Parternship Program - TSA Should Issue More Guidance to Airports and Monitor Private Versus Federal Screener Performance - GAO Report

Spirit Airlines, Allegiant Air and Southwest Airlines v US DOT - Petition for Writ of Certiorari Filed with US Supreme Court - The Total Price Rule Restricts Airlines' Ability to Engage in Core Political Speech Informing Customers About Tax Burdens

Air Passenger Screening - TSA Needs to Improve Complaint Processes - GAO Testimony

CTA Approves Delta/China Southern Codeshare Through Vancouver- No Local Traffic May be Carried Under China Southern's Code Between Vancouver and Each of Minneapolis-St.Paul and Salt Lake City

Sanchez v Iberia - A Passenger Can Claim Compensation from an Air Carrier for the Loss of His Belongings if They are in Baggage Checked in the Name of Another Passenger on the Same Flight EU Court of Justice Decides | Press Release

DOT Issues Guidance on Review and Approval of Public Charter Prospectuses - Response to Collapse of Direct Air and Subsequent Consumer Harm

DOT Proposes to Allow Delta to Move Tokyo (Haneda) Service to Seattle

Air Passenger Screening - Transportation Security Administration Could Improve Complaint Process - GAO Report

MWAA: A Review of the Department of Transportation Inspector General's Findings and Recommendations - House Transportation Committee Hearing

Air Carrier Contract Maintenance Requirements NPRM Issued by the FAA - Proposes to Amend the Maintenance Regulations for Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Operations, and Commuter and On-Demand Operations for Aircraft Type Certificated with a Passenger Seating Configuration of 10 Seats or More

The Effects of Limited Competition on Airline Flight Delays and Cancellations - IG Audit Announcement - October 9

Slot-Controlled Airports - FAA's Rules Could be Improved to Enhance Competition and Use of Availability Capacity - GAO Report

Eleven Years After 9/11 Can TSA Evolve to Meet the Next Terrorist Threat? - House Homeland Security Hearing

Aviation Security - 9/11 Anniversary Observations on TSA's Progress and Challenges in Strengthening Aviation Security - GAO Testimony

US Court Rebuffs French High Court's Attack on Forum Non-Convieniens Doctrine - Allan Mendelsohn and Carlos Ruiz, Air and Space Law, August/September 2012

US District Court Grants Export-Import Bank's Motion for Summary Judgment in Lawsuit Brought by Airlines for America - Memorandum Opinion - July 18, 2012

DC Circuit Court Denies Spirit Airlines' Petition for Review of DOT Consumer Rules - US Court of Appeals Decision - July 24, 2012

Oversight of Los Angeles International Airport Revenue Use Audit Announcement - IG Memo

Delayed-Baggage Trends and Options for Compensating Passengers - GAO Report

Aviation Security - Actions Needed to Address Challenges and Potential Vulnerabilities Related to Securing Inbound Air Cargo - GAO Report

The Future of Canadian Air Travel: Toll Booth or Spark Plug - Fifth Report from the Canadian Parliament

Time To Face Realities - Air Service Challenges & Opportunities for US Airports - Study by Boyd Group International

EU Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft - Fifth Annual Report

The State of US Aviation - Comprehensive Analysis of Airline Schedules & Airport Delays by American Aviation Institute

"Because DOT Has Departed from its Precedent Without Adequate Explanation, its Decision Cannot Survive Arbitrary and Capricious Review" - DC Circuit Court Grant's Republic Airline's Petition for Review and Vacate's DOT Order - DCA Slot-Exemption Transfer

Annual Analyses of the EU Air Transport Market 2010 - European Commission Final Report

Judgment of the Court - EU Greenhouse Gas Scheme

"The Directive Including Aviation Acitivities in the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme is Valid" - EU Court of Justice Press Release

Preliminary Ruling Reference - EU Greenhouse Gas Scheme

EU Advocate General Opinion on Greenhouse Gas Scheme

Boosting Capacity and Promoting Quality at EU Airports - European Commission Adopts a Comprehensive Package of Measures to Address Capacity Shortage and Improve Quality of Services Offered to Passengers

Proposal on Common Rules for the Allocation of Slots at EU Airports

Consumer Regulation and Taxation of the US Airline Industry: Estimating the Burden for Airlines & the Local Impact - American Aviation Institutue Repor

Airlines Take Legal Action to Halt US Export-Import Bank Aircraft Financing - ATA Press Release | Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief

Case C-366/10 - Opinion of Advocate General Kokott - EU Airline Emissions Cap

CTA Issues Decision in Lukacs v. Air Canada - What Flexibility Does an Air Carrier Have to Vary its Terms and Conditions of Carriage Depending on the Origin and Destination of Travel and is it Reasonable for Air Canada to Exempt Itself from Liability on Itineraries Where Neither the Warsaw Convention nor the Montreal Convention Applies?

The "European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Prohibition Act of 2011" - To Prohibit Operators of Civil Aircraft of the United States from Participating in the European Union's Emisions Trading Scheme - House Aviation Subcommittee Hearing July 27 at 9:00AM

Center for Biological Diversity v. EPA - Seeking to Compel Agency Action with Regard to the Regulation of Emissions by Nonroad Vehicles and Engines, Including Maritime Vessels and Aircraft, Under the Clean Air Act - Memorandum Opinion and Order

Canadian Competition Tribunal v Air Canada, Continental Airlines and United Air Lines - Notice of Application to Prohibit the Respondents from Entering Into the Proposed Transbordder Joint Venture

Canada's Competition Bureau Seeks to Block Joint Venture between Air Canada and United Continental

EU Carrier Compensation for Canceled Flights Opinion - C-83/10

Nuts!!! - Air Canada Must Create a Buffer Zone for Those with Peanut Allergies

Foreign Plaintiffs, Forum Non Conveniens, and the 1999 Montreal Convention - Allan Mendelsohn, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy, Spring 2011

Interpretation Note: Canadian Ownership Requirement for Air Licensing - Go Canucks!

Interpretation Note: Canadian Control in Fact

DiFiore v American Airlines - US Court of Appeals First Circuit Opinion - Reverses Decision on Boston Logan Skycap Tips

2011 Wichita/Purdue Airline Quality Rating Report - Bookmarked

DC Circuit Court of Appeals Finds DOT Actions Arbitrary and Capricious in CSI Aviation Services v DOT

Airport and Airway Trust Fund - Declining Balance Raises Concerns over Ability to Meet Future Demands - GAO Testimony

Legal Situation Regarding Security of Flights from Third Countries to the EU

Transatlantic Airline Alliances: Competitive Issues and Regulatory Approaches - A Report by the European Commission and the US DOT

New York Flight Delays Have Three Main Causes, but More Work Is Needed To Understand Their Nationwide Effect - IG Report

EU Clears AA/BA/IB Alliance; Makes Carriers’ Commitments Legally Binding

Commercial Aviation: Consumers Could Benefit from Better Information about Airline-Imposed Fees and Refundability of Government-Imposed Taxes and Fees - GAO Report
Highlights | Podcast

Airline Fees - House Transportation Subcommittee Hearing

Regulation of Landing Fees - US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit Issues Opinion in Air Transport Association of America v. DOT & FAA

Aviation Security - TSA Has Made Progress but Faces Challenges in Meeting the Statutory Mandate for Screening Air Cargo on Passenger Aircraft - GAO Report

The Proposed United-Continental Merger: Possible Effects for Consumers and the Industry - House Transportation Committee Hearing

Airline Mergers - Issues Raised by the Proposed Merger of United and Continental Airlines - GAO Testimony

The United/Continental Airlines Merger: How Will Consumers Fare? - Senate Judiciary Hearing

Judicial Restraint in International Law - By Allan Mendelsohn

The Financial State of the Airline Industry and the Implications of Consolidation - May 27 2010 10:00 AM Russell Senate Office Building - 253

National Mediation Board Representation Election Procedure - Final Rule - Bookmarked

NextGen: Long-Term Planning and Interagency Cooperation - House Aviation Subcommittee Hearing

Next Generation Air Transportation System - Challenges with Partner Agency and FAA Coordination Continue, and Efforts to Integrate Near-, Mid- and Long-Term Activities are Ongoing - GAO Testimony

Challenges in Meeting FAA's Long-Term Goals for the Next Generation Air Transportation System - IG Testimony

Passenger Facility Charge Database System for Air Carrier Reporting - Notice of Availability

GAO Review of Department of Homeland Security's Certification of the Secure Flight Program - Cost and Schedule Estimates - GAO Review

FAA's Oversight of On-Demand Aircraft Operators - House Transportation Subcommittee Hearing

The FAA's Oversight of On-Demand Aircraft Operations - IG Testimony

FAA's Call to Action on Airline Safety and Pilot Training - House Aviation Subcommittee Hearing

Progress and Challenges with FAA's Call to Action for Airline Safety - IG Testimony

National Transportation Safety Board - Issues Related to the 2010 Reauthorization

National Airspace System - Regional Airport Planning Could Help Address Congestion if Plans Were Integrated with FAA and Airport Decision Making - GAO Report

The State of Aviation Security - Is Our Current System Capable of Meeting the Threat? - Senate Transportation Committee Hearing

No Action Taken - List of Languishing Applications for Exemption and Permit Authority Since 2008

Protecting Employees in Airline Bankruptcies - House Judiciary Committee Hearing

DC Court of Appeals Denies Alaska Airlines v. TSA Petition for Review

Flight Rights - Canadian Transportation Agency Decisions on International Tariff Amendments for Air Canada, WestJet and Air Transat - Describes How Canadian Air Carriers Should Treat Passengers Should a Flight Be Delayed, Overbooked or Cancelled

Sturgeon v Condor / Bock/Lepuschitz v Air France - Judgement of the EC Court - Concept of Flight 'Delay' and 'Cancellation' - Right to Compensation in the Event of Delay - Concept of 'Extraordinary Circumstances'

Sturgeon v Condor / Bock/Lepuschitz v Air France - Opinion of the EC Court - Air Transport - Distinction Between the Notions of 'Delay' and 'Cancellation'

Carve-Outs Under Airline Antitrust Immunity - CESifo Working Paper by Jan Brueckner and Stef Proost - Bookmarked PDF Copy

Tiny Prince George Airport Takes a First Step on Global Stage - Canadian Airport in British Columbia Presents a Challenge to Anchorage as a Cargo Stop - Southern Air First to Make Use of the New Extended Runway - Article from The Vancouver Sun

TSA Issues Aircraft Repair Station NPRM

Actions Needed to Improve Safety Oversight and Security at Aircraft Repair Stations - IG Testimony

Impacts of Continental Airlines Operations on the New York-New Jersey Regional Economy - Report Prepared for Continental by NERA

USDA Withdraws Interim Rule for Increasing User Fees for Certain Commercial Vehicles and International Air Passengers - APHIS Press Release

National Mediation Board - Proposed Interpretation of Railway Labor Act - In Representation Disputes, a Majority of Valid Ballots Cast Will Determine the Craft or Class Representative

Aviation Safety - Information on the Safety Effects of Modifying the Age Standard for Commercial Pilots - GAO Memo

Aviation Security - DHS and TSA Have Researched, Developed and Begun Deploying Passenger Checkpoint Screening Technologies, but Continue to Face Challenges - GAO Report

Status of the Aviation Rulemaking Committee's 77 Initiatives for Reducing Delays in the New York Area - FAA Memo

Delta/US Airways Slot Transfer Agreement Available - Filed as Part of US Airways' 10Q

House Approves HR 3371: The Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act of 2009 - Increases Airline Pilot Licensing Requirements for Regional and Mainline Airline Pilots - House Press Release

Independent Arbitrator Rules that American's Proposed Joint Business Agreement with British Airways and Iberia Does Not Violate its Pilot Contract - American Press Release

Senators Kohl and Hatch Letter to Secretary LaHood Concerning AA/BA Antitrust Immunity

DOT Warns Airlines on Improperly Limiting Reimbursements for Mishandled Baggage - DOT Press Release

Expect Delays: An Analysis of Air Travel Trends in the United States by Brookings

FAA Requests Special PHMSA Permit to Conduct Covert HAZMAT Enforcement

Aviation Security - A National Strategy and Other Actions Would Strengthen TSA's Efforts to Secure Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls - GAO Report

DOT's FY 2010 Top Management Challenges - IG Memo

APHIS Inspection Fee Increase Delayed to November 1st - APHIS Press Release | Federal Register Notice on File October 1st

Air Transport Association Objects to Agriculture Department's Proposed Hike in Inspection Fee - Deeply Troubled by the Claim that Emergency Action is Warranted Because of a Surprise Drop in APHIS Revenues - Urges the Department in the Strongest Possible Terms to Withdraw the Interim Final Rule Immediately and Open the Matter to a Proper Notice and Comment Rulemaking

Two Days Advance Notice - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Announces an Increase in the Per Passenger Inspection Fee from $5.00 to $5.50, Effective October 1st - Comments Due By the Day After Turkey Day

CTA Dismisses Paradigm's Hockey Charter Application on Behalf of the Dallas Stars - Determined That the Great Falls, MN Stop is Not for Traffic Purposes

Air Canada and DOT Settlement Agreement

DCA and LGA Slot Holders/Operators - Updated List as of August 12th - Does Not Reflect Proposed Delta/US Airways Swap

DC Circuit Court Decision in Alaska Air, et al v. DOT and City of Los Angeles - Upholds M&O Fees as Non-Discriminatory - Directs DOT to Consider if LAX is a Monopoly - DOT Unlawfully Placed Burden of Persuasion on City of Los Angeles to Justify Use of Different Methods for Determining Rentable Space

Aviation Safety: The Relationship Between Network Airlines and Regional Airlines - Sentate Transportation Committee Hearing

Red Tape, Now With More Clickiness! - Washington Post Article on Redesigned Regulations.gov

National Transportation System - Options and Analytical Tools to Strengthen DOT's Approach to Supporting Communities' Access to the System - GAO Report

New FAA Safety Culture Reflected in Operational Error Reporting - FAA Press Release

Aviation Weather - FAA and the National Weather Service are Considering Plans to Consolidate Weather Service Offices, but Face Significant Challenges - GAO Testimony

Report on On-Demand Operators: Less Stringent Safety Requirements and Oversight than Large Commercial Air Carriers - FAA Audit

Review of FAA Regulations and Airline Policies Regarding Crew Rest Requirements and Fatigue Issues - FAA Audit Announcement

Analysis of the 2008 EU Air Transport Market

TSA to Reinstate Collection of Crew, Passenger and Cargo Information from Foreign Carriers

Aviation Safety - Better Data and Targeted FAA Efforts Needed to Identify and Address Safety Issues of Small Air Cargo Carriers - GAO Report

FAA Administrator Calls for Commitment to Regional Airline Safety - FAA Press Release

International Aviation - Federal Efforts Help Address Safety Challenges in Africa, but Could Benefit from Reassessment and Better Coordination - GAO Report

Regional Carrier Disclosure Act of 2009 - S.1283 - Schumer Introduces a Bill to Require Persons That Operate Internet Websites That Sell Airline Tickets to Disclose to the Purchaser of Each Ticket the Air Carrier That Operates Each Segment of the Flight

Aviation Safety: The Role and Responsibility of Commercial Air Carriers and Employees - Senate Transportation Committee Hearing

Regional Air Carriers and Pilot Workforce Issues - House Transportation Subcommittee Hearing

Regional Air Carriers and Pilot Workforce Issues - IG Testimony

S. 1209 - A Bill to Allow Additional Flights Beyond the Perimeter Restriction Application to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - Text of Boxer-Ensign Bill Not Yet Available

Aviation Safety: FAA's Role in the Oversight of Air Carriers - Senate Transportation Committee Hearing

The FAA's Role in Safety Oversight of Air Carriers - IG Testimony

Judiciary Committee Requests DOT Not Take Final Action On Any Antitrust Application - Especially United, Continental and Lufthansa Until the Justice Department Has Had a Full Opportunity to Submit Formal Comments as to the Competitive Effects of a Specific Proposal

Aviation and Climate Change - Aircraft Emissions Expected to Grow, but Technological and Operational Improvements and Government Policies Can Help Control Emissions - GAO Report

Disability Rule: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Air Travel of People with Disabilities Under the Amended Air Carrier Access Act Regulation

Final Text of the EU-Canada Air Transport Agreement - Bookmarked Copy

Aviation Security - TSA Has Completed Key Activities Associated with Implementing Secure Flight, but Additional Actions Are Needed to Mitigate Risks - GAO Report

The Economic Viability of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet Program - House Subcommittee on Aviation Hearing

Reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration: Perspectives of Aviation Stakeholders - Senate Transportation Committee Hearing

Aviation Industry Performance - A Review of the Aviation Industry in 2008 - IG Report

Elections Do Have Consequences: The Case for a New US-EU Stage Two Agreement - By Michael Goldman, April 2009

Extreme Disappointment - Air Transport Association Disagrees with Vice President Biden's Suggestion That People Avoid Air Travel Due to the H1N1 Flu Outbreak - No Responsible Officials or Healthcare Professionals Have Suggested Avoidance - Air Onboard Commercial Aircraft is Cleaner Than That in Most Public Buildings

Commercial Aviation - Airline Industry Contraction Due to Volatile Fuel Prices and Falling Demand Affects Airports, Passengers and Federal Government Revenues - GAO Report

Federal District Court Opinion on Tarmac Delays - Complaint v. American Airlines Dismissed with Prejudice - Plaintiff May Not Maintain a Class Action - Court Rules that Airline Has "No Duty to Provide Plaintiff with a Stress-Free Flight Environment"

Airline Baggage Liability and Responsibilities of Codeshare Partners Involving International Itineraries - Notice of Guidance

Hell No! - Representative Oberstar's Speech Before the International Aviation Club

Aviation Security - Preliminary Observations on TSA's Progress and Challenges in Meeting the Statutory Mandate for Screening Air Cargo on Passenger Aircraft - GAO Testimony

H.R. 967 - To Enhance Airline Passenger Protection When The Secretary of Transportation Issues a Rule to Require Airline Emergency Contingency Plans

H.R. 915 - To Authorize Appropriations for the FAA for Fiscal Years 2009 Through 2012, to Improve Aviation Safety and Capacity and to Provide Stable Funding for the National Aviation System

H.R. 912 - To Amend the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 to Clarify the Eligibility Requirements with Respect to Airline Flight Crews

Oberstar Introduces Airline Anti-Trust Bill | Text of H.R. 831

H.R. 624 - House Version of Passenger Bill of Rights Introduced by Rep. Thompson of California

Senate Transportation Committee - Nomination Hearing for Ray LaHood to be Secretary of Transportation

Letter Regarding Review of DOT and FAA Actions Related to Slot Auctions at New York Airports - IG Letter to Senate Transportation Subcommittee Chairman and House Committee on Transportation Chairman - January 15, 2009

Senators Boxer and Snowe Introduce Passenger Bill of Rights

Audit Initiated of FAA's Call to Action Plan for Improving Runway Safety Project - IG Audit

S. 36 - Abolishing Aviation Barriers Act of 2009 - Senator McCain Introduces a Bill to Repeal the Perimeter Rule for Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and New York LaGuardia
PDF Copy of Bill Available

Notice of Amendment to LaGuardia Order

Rulemaking To Establish New Requirements for Air Carrier Training Programs to Enhance Safety-Critical Training Proposed

Wallentin-Hermann v Alitalia - EU Court Rules Airlines Must Compensate for Technical Problems

Senate Judiciary Committee Wants DOT and DOJ to Only Grant Antitrust Immunity Sparingly - Points to Star Alliance and Cross-Ownership Questions - Recommends to DOT a Joint Study with EU on Transatlantic Markets and Competition

A Policy Built on Three Key Pillars - EU-US Aviation Forum on Liberalisation and Labour - December 3-4 in Washington, DC

Aviation and the Environment - Initial Voluntary Airport Low Emissions Program Projects Reduce Emissions, and FAA Plans to Assess the Program's Overall Performance as Participation Increases - GAO Report

European Community Observatory on Airport Capacity

DOJ Workshop on Airline Competition Papers Available

Air Carriers' Outsourcing of Aircraft Maintenance - IG Report

FAA's Progress and Challenges in Meeting FTI Transition Goals - IG Report

Observations on FAA Short-Term Capacity Initiatives - IG Report

The United States and The European Union in International Aviation - Article by Allan Mendelsohn Focuses on Two Major Topics That are of Very Current Interest - Open Skies and The Montreal Convention of 1999

Commercial Aviation: Impact of Airline Crew Scheduling on Delays and Cancellations of Commercial Flights - GAO Letter to Senator Ted Stevens

Transportation Security - Transportation Worker Identification Credential: A Status Update - GAO Testimony

Security of Aircraft and Safety of Passengers Departing from Airports in Venezuela to the US - Homeland Security Notice

Status of FAA's Efforts to Develop the Next Generation Air Transportation System - IG Report

Next Generation Air Transportation System - Status of Key Issues Associated with the Transition to NextGen - GAO Testimony

Review of TSA's Air Cargo Screening Exemptions Report - GAO Congressional Briefing

Transportation Security - TSA Has Developed a Risk-Based Covert Testing Program, but Could Better Mitigate Aviation Security Vulnerabilities Identified Through Covert Tests - GAO Report

ATA Petition on Slot Auctions - Bookmarked

Airline Industry - Potential Mergers and Acquisitions Driven by Financial and Competitive Pressures - GAO Report

House Committee on Education and Labor - Proposed Delta/Northwest Merger: The Impact on Workers Hearing

Aviation Security: An Update - House Transportation Subcommittee Hearing

Aviation Security - TSA Has Strengthened Planning to Guide Investments in Key Aviation Security Programs, but More Work Remains - GAO Report

Senate Transportation Subcommittee - Outlook for Summer Air Travel: Addressing Congestion and Delay Hearing

Audit of FAA Oversight of Denver International Airport Revenues - Inspector General Plans to Review Use of Airport Revenues - Airports Nationwide Continue to Face Challenges in Complying with Airport Improvement Program Goal Assurances

Review of FAA's Safety Oversight of Airlines and Use of Regulatory Partnership Programs - IG Audit

RITA Issues Draft Technical Directive for Gate Returns and Diverted Flights

European Parliament and Council Presidency Reach Deal on Airline Emissions

US v. Air France and KLM

US v. SAS Cargo

US v. Martinair Holland

US v. Cathay Pacific

DOJ Press Release - Major International Airlines Agree to Plead Guilty and Pay Criminal Fines Totaling More than $500 Million for Fixing Prices on Air Cargo Routes

H.R. 6355 - Air Service Improvement Act of 2008 - To amend title 49, United States Code, to provide for improvements in the quality of airline services, and for other purposes

S.3150 - A bill to prohibit the Secretary of Transportation or the Administrator of Federal Aviation Administration from conducting auctions, implementing congestion pricing, limiting airport operations, or charging certain use fees at airports - PDF Replaced with GPO Copy

Analysis of The European Air Transport Market - Annual Report for 2007

GAO Sustains Boeing Bid Protest - Agency Recommends Air Force Reopen the Bid Process | Public Version

Congestion Management in the New York Airspace - Transportation and Infrastructure - Subcommittee on Aviation - Video and Written Testimony - June 18, 2008

Oil Prices and The Looming US Aviation Industry Catastrophe: A Hole in the Transport Grid - Business Travel Coalition and AirlineForecasts Report

House Aviation Subcommittee - Air Traffic Control Facility Staffing Hearing

FAA - Efforts to Hire, Staff and Train Air Traffic Controllers are Generally on Track but Challenges Remain - GAO Testimony

Key Issues Facing the FAA's Controller Workforce - IG Testimony

Oberstar Letter to Department of Justice Opposing Delta/NWA Merger - Likely to Lead to Less Service to Small Communities, Reduced Competition in Larger Markets and Higer Fares

Framing the Discussion on Regulatory Liberalization: A Stakeholder Analysis of Open Skies, Ownership and Control - MIT's Global Airline Industry Program Releases White Paper on International Airline Liberalization

Your Flight Has Been Delayed Again - Senate/House Joint Economic Report - Flight Delays Cost Passengers, Airlines, and the U.S. Economy Billions

The Small Community Air Service Development Program - DOT Inspector General Recommends Applicants Include an In-Depth Market Analysis and Involve Substantive Levels of Financial and Non-Financial Community Participation - Report on the Audit of the Program

Guidance on Disclosure of Policies and Charges Associated with Checked Baggage

The Future of Transatlantic Aviation - EU-US Second Stage

Yellow Journalism - Regional Aviation Partners Disputes CBS Article 'Taxpayers Shell Out for Near-Empty Flights'

Forum Non Conveniens - The United States and The European Union in International Aviation - By Allan Mendelsohn

House Aviation Subcommittee Hearing on the Impact of Consolidation on the Aviation Industry with Focus on the Proposed Merger Between Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines

The Sweep - Airline Ticket Selling Websites - EU Enforcement Results - Questions and Answers

Aviation and the Environment - NextGen and Research and Development are Keys to Reducing Emissions and Their Impact on Health and Climate - GAO Testimony

How Do I Know It's a Service Animal and Not a Pet? - DOT Issues Final Rule on Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel - Service Animal Issue Garnered the Most Comments - 312 Page Bookmarked PDF File

Senate Aviation Subcommittee Hearing on The State of the Airline Industry and the Potential Impact of a Delta/Northwest Merger

House Aviation Subcommittee Hearing on Aviation and the Environment: Emissions

International Litigation - The US Jurisdiction to Prescribe and The Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens - By Allan Mendelsohn

EU Adopts a Communication on the Application of Slots Regulation

House Aviation Subcommittee - Reauthorization of the NTSB Hearing

International Registered Traveler Program - Homeland Security Bureau of Customs and Border Protection Notice and Request for Comments - Initially Conducted at JFK, IAH and IAD - Allows for Expedited Clearance of Pre-Approved Low-Risk Air Travelers Into the US

Conspiracy to Restrain Trade - US v. JAL in US District Court for DC - "Suppressed and Eliminated Competition by Fixing the Cargo Rates Charged to Customers in the US and Elsewhere for International Air Shipments."

Key Safety and Modernization Challenges Facing the FAA - IG Testimony

Transportation Security - Efforts to Strengthen Aviation and Surface Transportation Security Continue to Progress, but More Work Remains - GAO Testimony

Air Traffic Control Modernization - IG Audit

Delta's 8-K Filed with the SEC Announcing Merger with Northwest - Includes Investor Presentation

Senate Transportation Subcommittee - Aviation Safety Oversight Hearing | Challenges Facing Hawaii's Air Service Market Hearing

House Subcommittee on Aviation - Aviation Delays and Consumer Issues Hearing

Key Safety Challenges Facing the FAA - IG Testimony

Status Report on Actions Underway to Address Flight Delays and Improve Airline Customer Service - IG Testimony

House Transportation Committee Hearing - Critical Lapses in FAA Safety Oversight of Airlines: Abuses of Regulatory "Partnership Programs"

Actions Needed to Strengthen FAA's Safety Oversight and Use of Partnership Programs - IG Testimony

Flight No. 9470 Departs at 8:00 am - American, Gulfstream and Sky King Work the US-Cuba Run - Charters to Cuba Focusing Almost Exclusively on Havana, Bringing Families and Journalists to the Island - Operating at Ninety-Seven Percent Capacity in 2008

Observatory of the European Air Transport Market - Quarter Four for 2007 Available

A New Era in Transatlantic Aviation - EU-US Open Skies Takes Effect - EU Press Release and Q&A

New York Passenger Bill of Rights Reversed - US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Finds That the Substantive Provisions of the Law are Preempted by the Airline Deregulation Act - Air Transport Association Statement

DOT’s Charter Office Sees Decline in Prospectuses Filed But Charter Industry Remains Robust

Jet Lag - FAA to Collect Data on Flight Attendant Fatigue

No Action Taken - 2007 Docket Filings Waiting for a Decision by the DOT

Aviation and the Environment: FAA's and NASA's Research and Development Plans for Noise Reduction Are Aligned but the Prospects of Achieving Noise Reduction Goals Are Uncertain - GAO Report to Congressional Committees

Economic Regulation of Heathrow and Gatwick Airport - UK CAA Decision

Use of the National Airspace System - IG Report

Compilation of Airport Law Resources - Airport Cooperative Research Program

Visa Waiver Program: Limitations with Department of Homeland Security's Plan to Verify Departure of Foreign Nationals - GAO Testimony

Assessment of FAA's Risk-Based System for Overseeing Aircraft Manufacturers' Suppliers - IG Report

Aviation Security: Transportation Security Administration Has Strengthened Planning to Guide Investments in Key Aviation Security Programs, but More Work Remains - GAO Testimony

Aviation Weather - FAA is Reevaluating Services at Key Centers; Both FAA and National Weather Service Need to Better Ensure Product Quality - GAO Report

Aviation Weather - Services at Key Aviation Facilities Lack Performance Measures, but Improvement Measures are Under Way - GAO Report

Aircraft Noise - Air Transport and The Environment - EU Report on the Implementation of Directive 2002/30/EC

Runway Safety - House Subcommittee on Aviation Hearing

Runway Safety - Progress on Reducing Runway Incursions Impeded by Leadership, Technology and Other Challenges - GAO Testimony

Actions Needed to Improve Runway Safety - IG Testimony

Review of FAA's Oversight of Airlines' Regulatory Partnership Programs and Internal Review Process - IG Audit Announced

President's FY09 FAA Budget - House Aviation Subcommittee Hearing

FAA: Challenges Facing the Agency in Fiscal Year 2009 and Beyond - GAO Testimony

FAA's Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request: Key Issue Facing the Agency - IG Testimony

Towards a Better and More Efficient Use of Slots - EU Organized Stakeholder Hearing on the Functioning of Slots Regulation

TSA's Actions Violated the Law, Exceeded Its Authority, and Ignored Fundamental Fairness - Air Transport Association of America Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of Southwest Airlines et al v. TSA in DC Circuit Court

Aviation and the Environment - The Pilots’Perspective - Singling Out Aviation as a Key Contributor to Climate Change Does Not Really Take the Discussion Very Far - British Airline Pilots' Association Paper

Southwest et al v. TSA - Joint Opening Brief of Petitioners - TSA Improperly Penalized Airlines for Their Inability to Comply with an Impossible Requirement to Submit an Unqualified Audit Opinion - Bookmarked PDF

Analysis of the EU Air Transport Industry - Final Report 2006

American Airlines v Department of Transportation - American Files Petition for Review in DC Circuit Court with Respect to Allocation of Frequencies for Air Service Between the United States and Colombia

Policy Regarding Airport Rates and Charges

Canadian Transportation Agency - “One Person, One Fare” - Accessible Transportation Complaint Against Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, WestJet and Gander International Airport Authority - Additional Fares and Charges

Observatory of the EU Transport Market - Third Quarter

Comparing Chalk and Cheese - Sir Richard's Letter to Cabin Crew from the Times

Notice of Airport Level Designation for Newark Liberty for Summer 2008 Scheduling Season - FAA Notice on File at Federal Register

Proposals to Reduce Air Travel Delays During Holidays and Summer 2008 - DOT Press Release - JFK Hourly Cap of 83 Flights to Take Effect March 15, 2008 - Carriers Can Shift Flights to Less Congested Slots | JFK Delay and Constraint Analysis

Well Isn't That Nice - IRS Announces 2008 Inflation Adjustments to the Excise Taxes on Air Transportation - $3.50 for Domestic - $15.40 for International Flights - International Air Facilities Tax for Alaska and Hawaii is $7.70 - When and Where Will the Tea be Dumped?

National Task Force to Develop Model Contingency Plans to Deal with Lengthy Airline On-Board Ground Delays - Notice of Intent to Form an Advisory Committee

Texas Pacific Group Capital and Northwest Airlines Proposed Acquisition of Midwest Airlines - An Antitrust White Paper by AAI

Arbitrary FAA Action - DC Court of Appeals Finds FAA's Jurisdictional Arguments are Wholly Meritless and Offers Nothing More to Justify Its Decision than One Employee's Bare Assertions Unsupported by Any Actual Evidence - Safe Extensions, Inc. Wins Petition for Review - Advisory Circular on Light Base Used in Airport Runways - FAA's Approach in This Case Flouts Fundamental Principles

New York Aviation Rulemaking Committee Report on Congestion in the Big Apple

Aviation Runway and Ramp Safety - Sustained Efforts to Address Leadership, Technology and Other Challenges Needed to Reduce Accidents and Incidents - GAO Report

Petition for Rulemaking Under the Clean Air Act to Reduce the Emission of Air Pollutants from Aircraft - PDF File | Press Release from Center for Biological Diversity | States of CA, CT, NM, PA, NY, DC and NJ Petition | Press Release

Market Integration - Better Safety and More Price Transparency - EU Strengthens the Air Transport Sector for More Competition and Better Quality

Grounded - The Impact of Mounting Flight Delays on New York City's Economy and Environment - Comptroller of NYC's Policy Report - Soaring Flight Delays Diminish The City's International and Domestic Competitiveness While Increasing Local Pollution

GAO Asks Business Travel Coalition to Conduct Research on Airline Consolidation

Aviation Security - Vulnerabilities Exposed Through Covert Testing of TSA's Passenger Screening Process - GAO Testimony

EU Slots - Commission Adopts Communication on the Operation of Slots Regulation

House Aviation Subcommittee - Aviation and Airport Holiday Travel Preparations Hearing

EU Proposes CRS Revision - Rules to Ensure Fair Competition

Free As A Bird - EU Air Transport Policy

Ready for Take-Off? The Inclusion of Aircraft Operators in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme - PriceWaterhouse Coopers Publication

2007 Air Travel Tolerance - October 2007 Poll by Travelocity

Coalition for an Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights - strandedpassengers.blogspot.com

Towards a Sustainable Transport System: Supporting Economic Growth in a Low Carbon World - UK DOT Document

DCA, LGA & ORD Slot Lists

Aviation and the Environment - Impact of Aviation Noise on Communities Presents Challenges for Airport Operations and Future Growth of the National Airspace System - GAO Testimony

SkyTeam Commitments Package - From EU Official Journal

SkyTeam Market Test Notice - From EU Official Journal

European Commission Market Tests Commitments From Eight Members of SkyTeam Concerning Their Alliance Cooperation - Details in the Official Journal for Today That is Not Available to The Public Online

Assigning Air Traffic Control Costs to Users - Elements of FAA's Methodology are Generally Consistent with Standards but Certain Assumptions and Methods Need Additional Support - GAO Report

Senate Transportation Committee - Oversight Hearing on DOT

Challenges Facing the DOT, Fiscal Year 2008 - IG Testimony

House Transportation Subcommittee - NextGen: The FAA's Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Contract Hearing

Challenges Facing Implementation of FAA's Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Program - IG Testimony

Transportation Security - Efforts to Strengthen Aviation and Surface Transportation Security are Under Way, but Challenges Remain - GAO Report

Aviation Security - DHS Has Made Progress in Securing the Commercial Aviation System, but Key Challenges Remain - GAO Report

Aviation Security - Committee on Homeland Security Hearing

Senate Commerce Committee Plans Oversight Hearing on The Department of Transportation - Thursday, October 18th

US and Colombia Agree to Expand Flights - Scheduled Weekly Frequencies Increase from 70 to 91 - Includes Unlimited Passenger Service to Cartagena and Barranquilla - First Increase in Frequencies Since 2003

UK's Competition Commission Report on Heathrow and Gatwick Charges

The Airline Data Project - MIT's Global Airline Industry Program

Federal User Fees: Key Aspects of International Air Passenger Inspection Fees Should Be Addressed Regardless of Whether Fees Are Consolidated - GAO Report

New York JFK and Newark Summer 2008 Scheduling Season - Notice of Submission Deadlines for Schedule Information - October 11 - JFK is Experiencing Increased Congestion with a Corresponding Decrease in On-time Performance - EWR One of the Most Consistently Delayed Airports in the National Airspace System

DOT Migration to Federal Docket Management System - DMS Replaced Effective September 30 - Still Accessible Through October 31

Very Light Jets - Several Factors Could Influence Their Effect on the National Airspace System - GAO Report

Petitions v. TSA Consolidated - Southwest, American, Hawaiian, United, PSA, Frontier, US Airways, America West, Piedmont, Trans States, Delta and Comair, Mesa, Air Midwest, Chatauqua, Aloha, Northwest, Continental and ExpressJet, First Choice, Monarch and Spirit

Observatory of the European Union Air Transport Market - Quarter Two for 2007

Jet A Volatility Survey - FAA Issues Final Report in Response to July 1996 TWA Flight 800 Disaster

DHS Announces Predeparture Screening of International Passengers and First Step Toward Secure Flight

United States of America v. KAL Information Sheet

United States of America v. British Airways Information Sheet

Aviation Security - Federal Coordination on Responding to In-flight Security Threats Has Matured, but Procedures Can Be Strengthened - GAO Report

Aviation Finance - Observations on the Current FAA Funding Structure’s Support for Aviation Activities, Issues Affecting Future Costs, and Proposed Funding Changes - Physical Infrastructure Issues Testimony - GAO Report

Airport Finance - Observations on Planned Airport Development Costs and Funding Levels and the Administration's Proposed Changes in the Airport Improvement Program - GAO Report

Petitions for Review - American v. TSA | Hawaiian v. TSA (Corporate Disclosure Statement) - US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit - Unlawful Agency Action in Letter Rendering Final Decision Concerning Additional Aviation Security Infrastructure Fees

House Transportation Subcommittee - FAA's Aging ATC Facilities: Investigating the Need to Improve Facilities and Worker Conditions Hearing

ASMO Shortchanged Miami International Airport $434,150 in Fees - Miami-Dade Inspector General Report

Selective Memory - Indianapolis Airport Authority Rebuttal to Complaint of Northwest, Delta, AirTran, Continental and Southwest in FAA Airport Docket 16-07-04

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Petition for Court Review of Order 2007-5-11 - Whether the Department's Findings Granting Virgin America's Certificate Application Were Arbitrary, Capricious, an Abuse of Discretion and Contrary to Law

H.R. 3004 - A Bill to Reform the Essential Air Service Program

Senate Transportation Subcommittee - Improving Air Services to Small and Rural Communities Hearing

FAA - Viability of Current Funding Structure for Aviation Activities and Observations on Funding Provisions of Reauthorization Proposals - GAO Report

Guide to European Community Legislation in the Field of Civil Aviation - June 2007

Deductions for Entertainment Use of Business Aircraft - Correction to NPRM - IRS Filing

The Small Aircraft Exclusion - DOT Proposes to Amend Rules Relating to Oversales and Denied Boarding Compensation to Cover Flights with Aircraft Seating 30 through 60 Passengers

Gulfstream International S-1 on File with the SEC

H.R. 2881 - Authorize Approporiates for the FAA for Fiscal Years 2008 through 2011 to Improve Aviation Safety and Capacity and to Provide Stable Funding for the National Aviation System - Costello Amendment | Oberstar Amendment

H.R. 2698 - Authorize Appropriations for the Civil Aviation Research and Development Projects and Activities of the Federal Aviation Administration, and for Other Purposes - Next Generation Air Transportation System Funding

H.R. 2744 - Amend the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 to Clarify the Eligibility with Respect to Airline Flight Crews

H.R. 2745 - Refund Passport Processing Fees and International Travel Costs as a Result of Unreasonable Delays in Passport Application Processing Times

Senate Transportation Subcommittee Oversight of Foreign Aviation Repair Stations Hearing - Will examine the growing aviation industry practice of outsourcing maintenance, repair, and overhaul work. Will explore concerns raised by aviation stakeholders regarding MRO work conducted at non-certificated repair stations, foreign or domestic.

Aviation Safety: FAA Oversight of Foreign Repair Stations - IG Report

H.R. 2662 - A Bill to Require the Secretary of Transportation to Collect Certain Data Pertaining to Cancelled and Diverted Flights of Air Carriers

FAA: Cost Allocation Practices and Cost Recovery Proposal Compared with Selected International Practices - GAO Report

Partial Resumption of Travel to Lebanon - Presidential Memorandum Amending Prohibition of Transportation Services To and From Lebanon

House Transportation Subcommittee - The National Transportation Safety Board's Most Wanted Aviation Safety Improvements Hearing

Aviation Security - Efforts to Strengthen International Passenger Prescreening are Under Way, but Planning and Implementation Issues Remain - GAO Report

Capacity Needs in the National Airspace System - An Analysis of Airports and Metropolitan Area Demand and Operational Capacity in the Future - FAA Study

American Customer Satification Index on Airlines

Aviation Security: Foreign Airport Assessments and Air Carrier Inspections Help Enhance Security, but Oversight of These Efforts Can Be Strengthened - GAO Report

FAA's FY2008 Budget Request: Key Issues Facing the Agency - IG Report

The Future of Air Traffic Control Modernization - House Subcommittee on Aviation Hearing

Next Generation Air Transportation System - Status of the Transition to the Future Air Traffic Control System - Physical Infrastructure Issues Testimony - GAO Report

Actions Needed to Reduce Risk With the Next Generation Air Transportation System - IG Testimony Before House Subcommittee on Aviation

Aviation Security - Risk, Experience and Customer Concerns Drive Changes to Airline Passenger Screening Procedures, but Evaluation and Documentation of Proposed Changes Could be Improved - GAO Report

Aviation Security - Federal Efforts to Secure US-Bound Air Cargo are in the Early Stages and Could be Strengthened - GAO Report

H.R. 2008 - A Bill That Requires Air Carriers to Provide Training for Flight Attendants and Gate Attendants Regarding Serving Alcohol and Dealing with Disruptive Passengers

DOT Semiannual Regulatory Agenda

Commercial Aviation: Potential Safety and Capacity Issues Associated with the Introduction of the New A380 Aircraft - GAO Report

Commercial Aviation: Programs and Options for Providing Air Service to Small Communities - Director, Physical Infrastructure Issues Testimony - GAO Report

House Aviation Subcommittee - Essential Air Service Program - Small Community Air Service Development Program Hearing

Aviation Security: TSA's Change to Its Prohibited Items List Has Not Resulted in Any Reported Security Incidents, but the Impact of the Change on Screening Operations Is Inconclusive - GAO Report

EU Court Strikes Down Dutch-US Open Skies Deal

House Subcommittee on Aviation - Aviation Consumer Issues Hearing

Actions Needed to Improve Airline Customer Service - IG Testimony

S. 1076 - FAA Appropriations Bill - EAS Reform - Termination of DOT Authority to Set International Mail Rates - Establishing Joint Prices for Through Routes with Other Carriers - Rise in Tax on Jet Fuel

Wahoo! - House Resolution Would Recognize the 1940 Air Terminal Museum as the "National Museum of Civil Aviation" - Commercial Airlines Have Brought People and Cultures Together in Ways Not Imagined Before the Dawn of Civil Aviation - Very Few Museums Strive to Preserve and Present Our Nation's Rich and Vibrant Civil Aviation Heritage

Chicago O'Hare Winter 2007 Scheduling Season - Notice of Submission Deadline for International Arrival Authorizations

FAA Short-Term Capacity Initiatives - IG Audit Initiated

Senate Hearing on Airline Service Improvements

Refocusing Efforts to Improve Airline Customer Service - IG Testimony

DCA and LGA Slot Holders/Operators for April 2007

Reimbursement of DC Area Aviation Operators and Service Providers - Final Rule - Incremental Financial Losses Incurred with 9/11 Closures Reimbursed

FCC Terminates On-Board Cell Phone Use Proceeding - Insufficient Technical Information to Asses Impact on Interference to Terrestrial Networks

Aviation Security - Cost Estimates Related to TSA Funding of Checked Baggage Screening Systems at Los Angeles and Ontario Airports - GAO Report

House Transportation Committee - The FAA's Oversight of Outsourced Air Carrier Maintenance Hearing

Joint Planning and Development Office - Progress and Key Issues in Planning the Transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System - GAO Report

Briefing Note - EU-US Open Skies and Access to Heathrow - Report by Airport Coordination Limited

Airport Finance - Preliminary Analysis Indicates Proposed Changes in the Airport Improvement Program May Not Resolve Funding Needs for Smaller Airports - GAO Report

FAA - Key Issues in Ensuring the Efficient Development and Safe Operation of the Next Generation Air Transportation System - Physical Infrastructure Issues Testimony - GAO Report

Next Generation Air Transportation System - Progress and Challenges in Planning and Implementing the Transformation of the National Airspace System - Physical Infrastructure Issues Testimony - GAO Report

FAA - Observations on Selected Changes to FAA's Funding and Budget Structure in the Administration's Reauthorization Proposal - Physical Infrastructure Issues Testimony - GAO Report

Senate Transportation Committee - Promoting Travel to America: An Examination of Economic and Security Concerns Hearing Part II

Reagan National Airport - Update on Capacity to Handle Additional Flights and Impact on Other Area Airports - GAO Report

Air Cargo Security Requirements - TSA Interim Final Rule - Extending Compliance Dates

H.R. 1356 - A Bill to Authorize Appropriaions for the FAA for 2008 though 2010 - Improve Safety and Capacity - $6 Million to Fund Airline Data Collection and Analysis by the BTS - Rulemaking for LGA Slots Proposed - Sunset for Setting International Mail Rates - Fees, Fees, and More Fees

A Policy Built on 3 Key Pillars - Breakthrough in EU-US Aviation Relations - Air Transport Portal of the European Commission

Senate Transportation Committee - Administration's Proposal to Reauthorize the FAA Hearing Part II

Performance and Accountability - Transportation Challenges Facing Congress and the Department of Transportation - House Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee Testimony - GAO Report

Top Management Challenges Facing the Department of Transportation - House Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee Testimony - IG Report

Turbulent Times: Regulation, Security and Profitability in the Airline Industry - Testimony of John Byerly - Chatham House Conference, London, 5-6 March 2007; Session Three: Regulatory Open Skies

Aviation Safety - Improved Data Collection Needed for Effective Oversight of Air Ambulance Industry - GAO Report

Passenger Bill of Rights as Introduced by Congressman Mike Thompson

Observatory of the Air Transport Market - Quarter 4 from the European Union

Guidance Concerning the Carriage of Service Animals Into the UK

Possible Revision of Regulation 2299/89 on a Code of Conduct for Computerised Reservation Systems - EU Public Consultation

Passenger Bill of Rights as Introduced by Senator Barbara Boxer

Senate Transportation Committee - Administration's Proposal to Reauthorize the FAA Hearing Part I

House Transportation Committee - The President's FY 2008 Federal Aviation Administration Budget Hearing

FAA's FY 2008 Budget Request: Key Issues Facing the Agency - IG Testimony

FAA - Challenges Facing the Agency in Fiscal Year 2008 and Beyond - Physical Infrastructure Issues Testimony - GAO Report

FAA - Actions Needed to Reduce Risks with the Next Generation Air Transportation System - Joint Planning and Development Office Report

BTS Form 251 - Report of Passengers Denied Confirmed Space - New Report to Monitor the Effectiveness of Oversales Rule and Take Enforcement Action When Necessary

Slots - EEC Study on the Impact of the Introduction of Secondary Trading at Community Airports - Includes Examples of Secondary Trading in the US - Volume One Only - Commission Removed PDF Files from Their Site

Next Generation Air Transportation System - Progress and Challenges Associated with the Transformation of the National Airspace System - GAO Report

Observatory of the European Air Transport Market - Quarterly Report No. 12 - 3rd Quarter 2006

The Economic Contribution of the Aviation Industry in the UK - By Oxford Economic Forecasting

IG Airline Performance Report

EU v Netherlands - Open Skies Advisor Opinion

No-Frills Carriers - Revolution or Evolution? A Study by the UK Civil Aviation Authority

Aviation Finance - Observations on Potential FAA Funding Options - GAO Report

Sara Wexler v. United Air Lines - Class Action Complaint - Deceptive Practices in Failing to Disclose Cancellations of Return Flights if Passenger Fails to Use Initial Leg of Round-Trip Ticket

CAP 769: Ownership and Control Liberalisation: A Discussion Paper from the UK Civil Aviation Authority

EU Air Transport - Draft Quarterly Report No. 11 - 2nd Quarter 2006

Adding Insult to Injury - Piedmont Triad Airport Authority Letter to Delta's Chairman & CEO

Privatization of Chicago Midway International Airport - Preliminary Application Under 49 USC 47134

Commercial Aviation - Programs and Options for the Federal Approach to Providing and Improving Air Service to Small Communities - GAO Testimony

Bumblebees Still Fly - Remarks of Jeffrey Shane Before the International Aviation Club

Operating Limitations at LaGuardia - FAA Determines That It Will be Necessary to Place Temporary Limitations on Flight Operations - Invites Comments

Respected Antitrust Experts Send Letter to Congressional Leadership Supporting Wright Amendment Compromise

US Aviation Policy - A Critque by Allan Mendelsohn

IG Responds to Oberstar's Letter on Aging Airplane Safety Rule - Chalk's Accident Highlighted Importance of Ensuring Structural Integrity Older Aircraft

Schumer Introduces Bill to Make Flight Delay Information Available to the Public - Text of Bill Available

Athena Oliff v. British Airways, American, United and Virgin - Stipulation and Proposed Order - Consolidation of Similar Actions

LGA Congestion Management Rule - Operational Limits and Encouragement of Larger Aircraft Use

Congestion and Delay Reduction at O'Hare NPRM - Final Rule

Canadian Charter Air Taxi Operators - Final Rule - Updating to Reflect 1995 Bilateral Provisions

Semiannual Report to the Congress - October 1, 2005 - March 31, 2006 - OIG Report

More Competition and Better Quality: European Commission Wants to Strengthen the Single Market for Aviation

Aviation Industry Performance - OIG Report

Aircastle S-1 Amendment - Leases Commercial Aircraft

Aviation Security - TSA Oversight of Checked Baggage Screening Procedures Could be Strengthened - GAO Report

EC Regulation Concerning the Rights of Disabled Persons Travelling by Air

DOJ Sees Phase Out of Wright Amendment - Does Not Oppose S. 3661 - Laudatory Elements in the Bill

Virgin America's Benefits to US Consumers - Campbell-Hill Aviation Group Report

Next Generation Air Transportation System - Preliminary Analysis of Progress and Challenges Association with the Transformation of the National Airspace System - GAO Report

EU Air Transport Market - More Competition and Better Quality: European Commission Wants to Strengthen the Single Market for Aviation - Proposed Regulation Available

Passenger Rights & Air Safety - A Commission Priority

Reforming the Wright Amendment - Testimony from House Hearing Available

Customs and Border Protection Bureau - Passenger Manifests for Commercial Aircraft Arriving In and Departing from the United States

Seventy-Six Million Minus Seventy-One Million Equals Five Million - Sun Country Airlines Expenses Detailed - Miami Air Continues Profit Cycle - Passenger Charter Business is Good - Cargo Carriers Rock Solid in the Black - Form 41's for First Quarter Available

Correction to Air Cargo Security Requirements Final Rule

Air Passenger Data Transfers to US Illegal, EU Court Rules - Judgment of the Court

Slot Holders and Operators for May 23rd

Small Community Delays and Cancellations - OIG Audit Report

Air Cargo Security Requirements - TSA Issues Final Rule (Draft) | Air Cargo Security Final Rule as Published May 26th

Air Traffic Control - Status of the Current Modernization Program and Planning for the Next Generation System - GAO Report

Hearing Testimony on Mishandled Baggage

Department's Supplemental NPRM on Actual Control of US Air Carriers - Revising Proposed Rule and Seeking Additional Comments

IATA Tariff Conference Proceeding - Deparmtent to Reexamine Approval and Grant of Anitrust Immunity - Fares and Rates Between the US and Europe and Australia

Aviation Security - TSA has Strengthened Efforts to Plan for the Optimal Deployment of Checked Baggage Screening Systems, but Funding Uncertainties Remain - GAO Report

Commercial Aviation - Costs and Major Factors Influencing Infrastructure Changes at US Airports to Accommodate the New A380 Aircraft - GAO Report

Air Traffic Control Modernization - Status of the Current Program and Planning for the Next Generation Air Transportation System - GAO Report

EU International Aviation, Cooperation with Third Countries

Aviation Security - Further Study of Safety and Effectiveness and Better Management Controls Needed if Air Carriers Resume Interest in Deploying Less-than-Lethal Weapons - GAO Report

The Economic Impact of Air Service Liberalization - InterVISTAS-ga2 Report

Airline Deregulation - Reregulating Would Likely Reverse Consumer Benefits and Not Save Airline Pensions - GAO Report

Aviation Security: Progress Made to Set Up Program Using Private-Sector Airport Screeners - GAO Report

Wings Club Address by Giovanni Bisignani of IATA

Fly Well: European Community List of Air Carriers Subject to an Operating Ban Within the Community; Aviation Blacklist Agreed by Committee of National Experts

Cargo Antitrust Complaints:

Printing Technologies, Inc. v. Deutsche Lufthansa, et al - Cargo Antitrust Complaint

Richard Smith v. ACE Aviation, Air Canada et al.

Superior Jewelry v. Air France ADS et al.

Niagara Frontier Distribution v. Air France ADS et al.

Lionheart v. Ace Aviation

Seligman v. Air Canada

Competition Issues Associated with the Trading of Airport Slots - UK Office of Fair Trading and Civil Aviation Authority

Accommodations for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind - Amending Previously Published Rule Implementing Air Carrier Access Act to Provide Additional Accomodations

EC Public Consultation on Passenger Tariffs and Slot Allocation at Airports

Carrier-Owned Computer Reservations Systems - DOT Eliminating Prohibition of Denying or Discriminating Against Carriers Sharing Designator Codes

Air Passenger Rights in the European Union - First Anniversary

Commercial Jet Fuel Supply - House Subcommittee on Aviation Hearing on the Impact and Cost on the US Airline Industry

Charter Rules for Foreign Direct Air Carriers - Amending Charter Regulations and Requiring Updated Reciprocity Statements and Operational Data - Adds Definitions for Sixth and Seventh-Freedom

EAS Codesharing Pilot Program - Advising Establishment and Soliciting Applications

FAA Proposes Change to PFC Program - Add More Eligible Users for Revenue, Protect Such Revenue in Bankruptcy Proceedings, and Eliminate Charges to Passengers on Military Charters

Slot Holders and Operators as of 1/15/06

Gesenhues et al. vs. Checchi, Han, Steenland and Wilson

Review of Air Carriers' Use of Non-Certificated Repair Facilities - FAA Nor Air Carriers Are Providing Oversight - IG Audit

Price Advertising Rule - DOT Requests Comments on Alternative Options

TSA Prohibited Items List - Allowing Small Scissors and Small Tools

Commercial Aviation: Initial Small Community Air Service Development Projects Have Achieved Mixed Results - GAO Report to Congress

Commercial Aviation: Survey of Small Community Air Service Grantees and Applicants

COPA F-1 Filed with the SEC

New York Slot Exchange - American Offers Guiding Principles for the Department and the FAA to Consider Regarding Congestion Management at LaGuardia

Sabre v. DOT/Amadeus - DC Circuit Decision

Protocol to the Air Transort Agreement Between the US and Canada - Amendment to Open-Skies Bilateral Agreement

New Missions for the European Aviation Safety Agency

Aviation SafetyObservations on FAA’s Oversight and Changes in the Airline Industry - Senate Testimony

Aviation Security: Federal Action Needed to Strengthen Domestic Air Cargo Security - GAO Report

Department to Review Interpretation of "Actual Control" - NPRM to Allow Easier Access to Foreign Capital

Loyalty Programmes in Civil Aviation - An Overview of Competition Issues Concerning Frequent Flyer Programmes - European Competition Authorities

Aviation Safety: System Safety Approach Needs Further Integration into FAA's Oversight of Airlines - GAO Report

Wet-Lease Policy Guidance - FAA Seeks Comments on Unlawful and Lawful Arrangements

The Impact of Passenger Mix on Reported "Hub Premiums" in the U.S. Airline Industry

Commercial Aviation: Bankruptcy and Pension Problems Are Symptoms of Underlying Structural Issues - GAO Report to Congressional Committees

Current Situation and Future Outlook of U.S. Commercial Airline Industry - House Aviation Subcommittee Hearing

International Slots for Summer 2006 Scheduling Season - Submission Deadline

Consultation on Airport Capacity, Efficiency and Safety in Europe - Commission Staff Working Document

Aviation Safety - Oversight of Foreign Codeshare Safety Program Should be Strengthened - GAO Report

Announcement of Follow-up Review: Airline Customer Service Commitment - IG Response

TSA Amends Interpretive Rule on Prohibited Items

Audit initiated on Federal Aviation Administration’s Oversight of Airport Revenue - Revenue Diversion at Phoenix and San Francisco

Slot Holders and Operators for August 12th

IG Letter to Rep. Oberstar Regarding Aircraft Repair Stations

Disclosure of Codeshare and Wet-Lease Print Advertisements Amended

Department Clarifies Lavatory Access for the Disabled

Chicago O'Hare Modernization Program - IG Review

Operating Limitations at O'Hare - FAA Invites Comments on Extension through April 2006

Nondiscrimination on Basis of Disability - Technical Assistance Manual Rule from Federal Register

Zantop Reports Revised $284,000 Loss for Third Quarter / USAjet Shows Over a Million Profit - Fourth Quarter Form 41's Updated - First Quarter Form 41's Still Incomplete

Commercial Aviation: Structural Costs Continue to Challenge Legacy Airlines' Financial Performance - GAO Testimony

Financial Stability of Airlines - Senate Hearing

Air Pacific to Operate Once Weekly Fiji-Christmas Island-Honolulu Service

Aviation Security: Better Planning Needed to Optimize Deployment of Checked Baggage Screening Systems - GAO Testimony

National Airspace System - FAA Has Made Progress but Continues to Face Challenges in Acquiring Major Air Traffic Control Systems - GAO Report

O'Hare International Airport Unscheduled Arrival Reservation System - Final Rule | As Published July 8th

Joint Declaration on EU-China Co-Operation in Civil Aviation

Aviation Industry Performance - Trends in Demand and Capacity, Aviation System Performance, Airline Finances, and Service to Small Airports - Office of Inspector General Audit

Notice of Extension of the Lottery Allocation and Amended Policy for Reallocation Procedures for Slot Exemptions at LaGuardia Airport

Commercial Aviation: Preliminary Observations on Legacy Airlines' Financial Condition, Bankruptcy, and Pension Issues - GAO Testimony - Other House Aviation Subcomimittee Testimony

Section 145 Guidance - Honoring Tickets of Insolvent Airlines

Safety Oversight of an Air Carrier Industry in Transition - IG Report on FAA

National Airspace System: Initiatives to Reduce Flight Delays and Enhance Capacity are Ongoing but Challenges Remain - GAO Testimony

Outlook for Aviation Delays in the Summer of 2005 and Actions Needed to Mitigate Congestion in the Short- and Long-term - IG Testimony

The Worldwide Air Transportation Network: Anomalous Centrality, Community Structure, and Cities' Global Roles - National Academy of Sciences Publication - Abstract Only

IG to Initiate Audit of Carriers' Outsourcing of Aircraft Maintenance

International Winter Slot Notice for JFK and O'Hare

Aviation Fees: Review of Air Carriers' Year 2000 Passenger and Property Screening Costs - GAO Report

International Mail Air Transportation: Proposed Changes to the Rate-Setting Process - GAO Report

Aviation Security: Secure Flight Development and Testing Under Way, but Risks Should Be Managed as System Is Further Developed

Congestion and Delay Reduction at Chicago O'Hare - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Operating Limitations at Chicago O'Hare - Notice of Order

Passenger Facility Charge Program - Non-Hub Pilot Program and Related Charges - Final Rule

EU Air Transport & the Environment - Studies Prepared for the Commission

Aviation Security: Systematic Planning Needed to Optimize the Deployment of Checked Baggage Screening Systems

Foreign Hedge Funds Through US Entity Can Hold Ownership in a US Carrier - Letter from DOT to Hawaiian

Reports by Carriers on Incidents Involving Animals During Air Transport - Final Rule - Submit Required Information to Aviation Consumer Protection Division

O'Hare Operating Limitations Information Request - Notice of Order to Show Cause

Functioning of the EU Air Transport Market - Public Consultation "Community Guidelines on Financing of Airports and Start-Up Aid to Airlines Departing from Regional Airports"

Policy Determination on Navigation of Foreign Civil Aircraft in US Airspace - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Air Passenger Rights in the European Union - Leaflets, Poster and a Video

2005 Small Community Air Service Development Program - Department Invites Proposals to Address Air Service and Airfare Problems

Department Proposes to Clarify the Definition of Fifth-Freedom Charter - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Charter Rules for Foreign Carriers

Have You Seen Me? - Missing NOATs and Stagnant Applications - Microsoft Excel File

Slot Holders and Operators as of January 10, 2005

The USA and the EU - Aviation Relations: An Impasse or an Opportunity?

General Aviation Security - Increased Federal Oversight is Needed, but Continued Partnership with the Provate Sector Is Critical to Long-Term Success - GAO Report

Aviation Security - Preliminary Observations on TSA's Progress to Allow Airports to Use Private Passenger and Baggage Screening Services - GAO Report

DCA Slot Notice - Extension of Submission Deadline for Lottery Participation

DOT's Top Management Challenges - IG Annual Report

OIA Updates Carrier and Country Reports: Carrier Report | Country Report

Notice of Petition to Modify Lottery Allocation Procedures at LaGuardia Airport

Notice of Lottery and Allocation Procedures for Washington Reagan National Airport

Airfare Disclosure Notice - Disclosure of Higher Prices for Airfares Purchased Over the Telephone via Telephone Reservations Centers or at Airline Ticket Offices, and Surcharges that may be Listed Separately in Fare Advertisements

Air Cargo Security Requirements - Draft Preliminary Regulatory Evaluation

Department to Enhance and Improve Security of Air Cargo Transportation - TSA/DHS NPRM - Proposed Rule as Published November 10th

Transportation Security R&D - TSA and DHS are Researching and Developing Technologies, but Need to Improve R&D Management - GAO Report

Security Requirements for Aircraft Operators Certificated Pursuant to 14 CFR Part 125 - Notice

Proposed Reservations System for Unscheduled Arrivals at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

International Slot Notice for Summer 2005 Scheduling Season

The Role of Air Charter Brokers in Arranging Air Transportation - DOT Notice

Linehaul Space - Department Seeks Comment on FedEx Express Mail Reporting Requirements

Private Pensions - Airline Plans' Underfunding Illustrates Broader Problems with the Defined Benefit Pension System - GAO Testimony

Slot Holders and Operators

DCA Slot Summary

Baggage Liability Minimum Adjusted for Inflation

EU Functioning of the Air Transport Market - Consultation on Commercial Slot Allocation Mechanisms

Transatlantic Aviation - Effects of Easing Restrctions on US-European Markets - GAO Report

Limited Objection of PBGC to Debtors' Motion for Entry of an Order in Re: UAL

Anticompetitive Travel Agent Commission Levels - American Advises Department that It Will Object to Future Colombian-Flag Carriers Applications

Commercial Aviation - Legacy Airlines Must Further Reduce Costs to Restore Profitability - GAO Report

Airline Industry Metrics - Trends on Demand and Capacity, Aviation System Performance, Airline Finances and Service to Small Airports - IG Report

PBGC Letter to United Air Lines

ATSB Letter to United

Capacity Needs in the National Airspace System: An Analysis of Airport and Metropolitan Area Demand and Operational Capacity in the Future

Slot Holder and Operator Totals

Short- and Long-term Efforts to Mitigate Flight Delays and Congestion - IG Memorandum

DOD Travel Cards - Control Weaknesses Resulted in Millions of Dollars of Improper Payments - GAO Report | March 2004 Report | Statement of Gregory Kutz Before Senate Committee

Aviation Security: Further Steps Needed to Strengthen the Security of Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls - GAO Report

Aviation Assistance: Compensation Criteria and Payment Equity Under the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act - GAO Report

PFC Application Approval Procedures - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

GAO Testimony on Commercial Aviation - Despite Industry Turmoil, Low-Cost Airlines Are Growing and Profitable

FAA's Aero Continente Letter from April 22nd

TSA Systems of Records Federal Register Notice

Subcommittee on Aviation Hearing on The Cape Town Treaty and Markup

Key Issues for the FAA's FY 2005 Budget - IG Statement Before Senate Committee

A Review Of The Airport Screener Privatization Pilot Program - House Subcommittee Hearing

Iraq Flights Within Territory and Airspace - Approval Process for Requests for Authorization - Federal Register Pre-publication

Notice Concerning the Use of Passenger Facility Charge Revenue for Debt Service on Non Eligible Airport-Related Projects

International Slots for Winter 2004/2005 Procedures - Federal Register Pre-Publication

IG Report on the Financial Condition of the Chinese and U.S. Airline Industries

Summary Analysis of Federal Commercial Aviation Taxes and Fees - GAO Correspondence

House Subcommittee on Aviation Hearing on Airport Deregulation

Aviation Security: Improvement Still Needed in Federal Aviation Security Efforts - GAO Testimony

Slots by Holder and Operator - As of March 19th

The Functioning of the Air Transport Market - Report on "Analysis of the European Air Transport Industry 2002", December 2003

Inspector General Testimony on FAA's 2005 Budget

Aviation Security: GAO Statement - Challenges Delay Implementation of Computer-Assisted Passenger Pre-Screening System

Subcommittee on Aviation Hearing - Status Of The Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS II)

The Effect of Liberalisation on Aviation Employment - UK CAA Study

Field Hearing on Opening Reagan National Airport To General Aviation

Aerolineas Argentinas v. US DOT - Joint Motion of Prospective Intervenors American Airlines, Federal Express and United Air Lines to Dismiss Petition for Review

EC Welcomes New Powers to Apply the Competition Rules to Air Transport Between the EU and Third Countries

TSA - Domestic/Foreign Aircraft Repair Stations - Notice of Public Meeting and Request for Comments

Protected Critical Infrastructure Information; Handling Procedures - Homeland Security Interim Rule and Request for Comments (All Pages Corrected) - Federal Register Final Publication for Feb 20th

Responses to EU Revision of the Third Package for Liberalisation of Air Transport

Missing NOATS & Approvals

Won't You Be My Neighbour? - Communication from the European Commission "A Community aviation policy towards its neighbours" and  Memorendum

House Hearing on Aviation Security: Progress And Problems In Passenger And Baggage Screening

GAO Report - Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System Faces Significant Implementation Challenges

Aviation Safety - More Research Needed on the Effects of Air Quality in Airliner Cabin Occupants - GAO Report

EU Study to Develop Market Oriented Slot Allocation Schemes and to Assess their Feasibility

Notice of Policy Regarding the Eligibility of Airport Ground Access Transportation Projects for Funding Under the Passenger Facility Charge Program

Economic Impact on Air Service at Airports Serving Small Air Carrier Aircraft Resulting from Certain Changes to Title 14 CFR Part 139 - Certification of Airports

FAA Final Rule on Certification of Airports - Ten to Thirty Seat Passenger Jets (244 Pages)


Presidential Determination on Provision of Aviation Insurance Coverage - Commercial and Air Carrier Service in Domestic and International Operations

TSA Notice - All-Cargo International Security Procedures for Foreign Air Carriers

IG Report on Airline Industry Metrics - Trends on Demand and Capacity, Aviation System Performance, Airline Finances, and Service to Small Airports

Slot Holdings for Domestic and Commuter Holders

TSA Invites Public Comment on Information Collection Requirement - Costs Related to Screening

Class Action Lawsuits Against Northwest Concerning Privacy Data Filed in MN District Court:

Operating Limitations at Chicago O'Hare International Airport - Order Limiting Scheduled Operations

Aerolineas Argentinas Petition for Review Filed in District Court

Notice Requesting Comment on the Imposition of the Aviaiton Security Infrastructure Fee - Extension of Comment Period

Atlantic Coast Airlines - District Court:

Service Delay Rule Delayed

Issues Relating to Foreign Investment and Control of U.S. Airlines - GAO Report

The Five Myths of International Aviation - By Allan Mendelsohn

Atlantic Coast Airlines v. Mesa Air Group - Amended Motion for a Preliminary Injuction on its Antitrust and Securities Claim

Stage 4 Aircraft Noise Standards - Subsonic Jet Airplanes and Subsonic Transport Category Large Airplanes; Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Cargojet v Polar - CTA Decision

CTA Reviews Decision Regarding LACSA

Aviation Security: Federal Air Marshal Service is Addressing Challenges of its Expanded Mission and Workforce, but Additional Action Needed - GAO Report

The Functioning of the European Air Transport Market

Aviation Security - GAO Testimony - Efforts to Measure Effectiveness and Strengthen Security Programs

Canadian Transportation Agency Dismisses Appeal of Nav Canada's Revised Charges

Canadian Transportation Agency New Reports:

TSA Invites Comments on Imposition of Aviation Security Infrastructure Fee

"The Economic Impact of Flight Cutbacks at the St. Louis Airport: A Calculation of Job Losses" by Jan Brueckner - Washington University Airline Forum in St. Louis

Atlantic Coast Airlines v. Mesa Air Group - DC District Court Complaint

Aviation Assistance: Information on Payments Made Under the Disaster Relief and Insurance Reimbursement Programs - GAO Report

Aviation Safety: Advancements Being Pursued to Improve Airliner Cabin Occupant Safety and Health - GAO Report

Airport Passenger Screening: Preliminary Observations on Progress Made and Challenges Remaining - GAO Report

Aviation Safety: Information on FAA's Data on Operational Errors At Air Traffic Control Towers - GAO Report

Resumption of September 11th Security Fee and Aviation Security Infrastructure Fee

Slots by Holder/Operator for September 22nd

Airport and Airway Trust Fund: Financial Outlook Is Positive, but
the Trust Fund's Balance Would Be Affected If Taxes Were Suspended - GAO Report

Aviation Security: Progress Since September 11th and the Challenges Ahead - GAO Report

Transportation Security: Federal Action Needed to Enhance Security Efforts - GAO Report

Airline Ticketing: GAO Report on Impact of Changes in the Airline Ticket Distribution Industry

Airline Labor Relations: Information on Trends and Impact of Labor Actions - GAO Report

New Market Structure Realities - By Global Aviation Associates

Airline Industry Metrics - IG Report

Slot List by Holder/Operator for 6/20/03

TSA Aviation Security Infrastructure Fees - Federal Register Publication

The United States, the European Union and the Ownership and Control of Airlines - Even and Odd Pages Available

The Single European Sky

"Open Skies" or Open Markets? The Effect of the European Court of Justice Judgments on Aviation Relations Between the European Union and the United States of America

Cost Control Issues for the FAA Operations and Modernization Accounts - IG Statement before Appropriations Committee

IG Senate Testimony - State of the Aviation Industry and the FAA

Communities Would Be Vested Stakeholders in New EAS Program - Letter from Secretary Mineta to Congress on FAA Appropriations - Will Energize Civic Officials

Revision of Council Directive 96/67/EC on Groundhandling Market at European Community Airports

IG Report on Oversight of Airport Revenue

AVIATION SAFETY - GAO Says FAA Needs to Update the Curriculum and Certification Requirements for Aviation Mechanics

FAA Aviation Forecasts

Commercial Aviation - House Subcommitte Hearing on Reauthorization of FAA

Commercial Aviation: Issues Regarding Federal Assistance for Enhancing Air Serice to Small Communities | Subcommittee Hearing

The Perfect Economic Storm - Airlines in Crisis - Air Transport Association Study

Aviation Environment - GAO Report on Strategic Framework Needed to Address Challenges Posed by Aircraft Emissions

EC Revision of the Third Package for Liberalisation of Air Transport

Planes, Trains, And Intermodalism: Improving The Link Between Air And Rail - House Hearing

Airport Finance - GAO Report on Past Funding Levels May Not Be Sufficient to Cover Airports’ Planned Capital Development | FAA Reauthorization Hearing Testimony from the Senate, 2/25/03

European Commission Proposes Clear Rules to Handle Alliances Between EU and Non-EU Carriers

Actions and Plans to Build a Results-Oriented Culture - GAO Report on TSA

The Economic Impact of an EU-US Open Aviation Area - Commission Report from December 2002

National Airspace System - GAO Report on Reauthorizing FAA Provides Opportunities and Options to Address Challenges

Canadian Domestic Air Fare Monitoring Study for Western Provinces

Policy Regarding Airport Rates and Charges - FAA Withdraws Proposal - Considering Similiar Rate and Charge Issues In Its Study of Congestion Pricing

GAO Report on National Airspace System - Better Cost Data Could Improve FAA's Management of the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System

Senate Aviation Security Hearing Testimony from February 5th

AVIATION INFRASTRUCTURE - GAO Report on Challenges Related to Building Runways and Actions to Address Them

Factors Affecting Efforts to Improve Air Service at Small Community Airports - GAO Report on Commercial Aviation

Continental, Delta & Northwest Press Release w/ Letter

DOT Approves Continental, Delta & Northwest

Undeclared Air Shipment of Goods and DOT's Enforcement Approach - GAO Report on Aviation Safety

Vulnerabilities and Potential Improvements for the Air Cargo System - GAO Report on Aviation Security

Slots by Holder/Operator for Jan 10th

Airline Industry Metrics - Third in Series from DOT's IG

Testimony from Senate Hearing on Future of Airline Industry

GAO Report on Civil Reserve Air Fleet - Can Respond As Planned, but Incentives May Need Revamping

Private Charter Security Rules - Final Rule

Foreign Operated Transport Category Airplanes; Flightdeck Security Concerns - Clarification of Regulations

DOT's Monitoring of Orbitz's On-Line Travel Sales - IG Comments on DOT Study of Air Travel Services

Aviation Security: GAO Report on Registered Traveler Program Policy and Implementation Issues

Communication from the Commission on the Consequences of the Court Judgements of November 5th for European Air Transport Policy

EC Study on Competition between Airports and the Application of State Aid Rules - Volume One | Volume Two

European Commission requests the denunciation of the bilateral Open sky agreements

Upheavel in Travel Distribution: National Commission Issues Its Report

ga2 releases "Airline Alliances: Much to Be Gained, But Risks Abound"

Carriers Ask to De-Cluter the DMS

Slot Holdings by Holder and Operator for November 7, 2002

European Court of Justice Judgment on Trans-Atlantic Alliances

US Aerospace and Aviation Industry: A State by State Analysis - Commission on the Future of the US Aerospace Industry

Aviation Security Infrastructure Fees - Final Waiver of Audit Submission Requirements

Proposed Modification to LaGuardia Lottery

Airport Finance: Using Airport Grant Funds for Security Projects

Has Affected Some Development Projects

Financial Condition of the Airline Industry - House Hearing

Inspector General Letter to Air Transport Association on Security Costs

Amendment to Definition for Revenue and Non-Revenue Passengers for Reporting Purposes

Progress in Implementing Provisions of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act - Inspector General Statement


Airline Industry Metrics - Inspector General Correspondence


Air Carrier Traffic and Capacity Data by Nonstop Segment and On-Flight Market | Part II - Final Rule - Department Modifies T-100 Traffic Reporting - Distinction Between Large and Small Aircraft is Removed


Passenger Facility Charge Audit Guide for Air Carriers | Federal Register Notice


National Commission to Ensure Consumer Information and Choice in the Airline Industry - Written Testimony from July 12th


Information Concerning the Arming of Commercial Pilots - GAO Report to Congress


House Energy and Commerce Committee Hearing on Orbitz


Orbitz - Report to Congress


European Commission Consultations on Passenger Tariffs and Slot Allocation at Airports


Airlines' Contracts with Passengers - European Commission Consultation Paper


Slots by Holder and Operator for June


Single European Sky - Broadening Horizons for Air Travel - European Commission Brochure


U.S. Court of Appeals Backs FAA Pilot Flight Time Rules - Full-Text of Decision - FAA Federal Register on Flight Crewmember Flight Time Limitations and Rest Requirements from May 17, 2001 - FAA Notice from June 1999

FAA Alaska - Weak Controls Resulted in Improper and Wasteful Purchases - GAO Report


GAO Report on National Airspace SystemLong-Term Capacity Planning Needed Despite Recent Reduction in Flight Delays

Boeing Meets Douglas - Aloha and Hawaiian Aircraft Operating Expense for Third Quarter September 2001

Charters Get The Work Done - Table of Charter Carrier Passenger/Property Revenue & Scheduled Carriers Charter Revenue for Third Quarter 2001


US Airlines' Passenger Market Share Statistics at US Airports - Fitch Report


U.S. Airport Bonds and Airlines Since 1978's Deregulation: The Great Credit Divide - Fitch Report

Domestic Route Service Reductions Table - Updated

Aviation and the Environment: Transition to Quieter Aircraft Occurred as Planned, But Concerns About Noise Persist GAO Reports



Codeshare List



Policy Statements


Rules & Regulations

Slot Information


Testimony & Hearings

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