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Rules & Regulations

Temporary Flight Restrictions - Sporting Events and Military Aerial Demonstrations

FAA Amends Reporting Requirements for Air Carriers and Certificated Domestic and Foreign Repair Station OperatorsConcerning Failures, Malfunctions, and Defects of Aircraft, Aircraft Engines, Systems, and Components

Supplemental Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for CRS Regulations

NPRM - Noise Certification Standards for Subsonic Jet Airplanes and Subsonic Transport Category Large Airplanes

Certification of Airports for Aircraft with 10-30 Seats - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Fire Protection Requirements for Powerplant Installations on Transport Category Airplanes

Type Certification Procedures for Changed Products

Passenger Facility Charges Final Rule

Emergency Medical Equipment NPRM

FAA Withdraws Passenger Facility Charge ANPRM

Final Rule to Third CRS Extension

Occupational and Safety Hazards Response by Association of Flight Attendants - HTML Format

CRS Rules Extended for Third Time

FAA Airport Capacity Projects

FAA General Rulemaking Process

Part 145 Repair Station Comments Extended

Financial Responsibility Requirements for Licensed Reentry

Allocation of Slots in Docket 4971

Government Reminds Operators of Stage 2 Jets that Date is Fast Approaching

Aging Airplane Safety Comment Period Reopened

Airport Safety Inspection Proposed Rule

FAA to Completely Overhaul Part 145

Comment Period for Checked Baggage Extended

Revised Draft Regulatory Impact Analysis for Security of Checked Baggage - 5 MB PDF File

Flight Crewmember Flight Time Limitations and Rest Requirements

Transport Airplane Fuel Tank System Design Review - Final Rule from Federal Register | FAA

Commuter Operations and General Certification and Operations Requirements - Federal Register for April 27th

Type Certification Procedures for Changed Products - Disposition of Comments on Final Rule

Class E airspace at Pelham Lake, VA - Notice of Proposed Rule Making

Standard Instrument Approach Procedures - Final Rule

Standard Instrument Approach Procedures - Final Rule

Part 145 Repair Stations Final Rule

Review of the UK CAA’S Statement of Policies on Route and Air Transport Licensing