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Slot Information

Slot Holdings for January 11, 2001 - Pre Air 21 and Post Air 21

Slot Holdings for December 4th, 2000

LaGuardia Slot Notice:  Part I | Part II | Letter

Carriers Should Not be Able to Select Their Own Competitors - Air Carrier Association Petition with the FAA to Suspend Certain Proposals to Transfer or Lease Slots at Reagan Washington National Airport

Slot Holdings for August 4th, 2000

Petition of The Air Carrier Association of America for Withdrawal and Reallocation of Temporarily Held Slots at Reagan Washington National Airport

Slot Holdings for June 19, 2000

Snippets of Slot Comments

Slot Holdings for May 12, 2000

Slot Holdings for April 25, 2000

Slot Holdings for March 24, 2000

Slot Holdings for March 2, 2000

International Slot Applications Due by May 10th

Slot Holdings for January 28, 2000

Slot Holdings as of September 15, 1999

Slot Holdings as of June 8, 1999

Slot Holdings by Operator/Holder as of May 11th

Winter 2001/2002 International Slot Allocation Procedures - Federal Register Notice

Slot Holdings by Holder & Operator as of March 9, 2001

Alternative Policy Options for Managing Capacity at LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Slot Lottery Results

Slot Holdings for July 17, 2001