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Testimony & Hearings

Senate Transportation Committee Hearing on AA/TWA

Airline Competition - Issues Raised by Consolidation Proposals - GAO Report

Air Traffic Control Delays Senate Testimony

Senate Hearing on Antitrust Issues in the Airline Industry

Senate Testimony on Pilot Shortages on Air Service to Smaller, Rural Markets

Senate Testimony on Purchasing Tickets through the Internet

Essential Air Service: Changes in Passenger Traffic, Subsidy Levels, and Air Carrier Costs - GAO Report

Aviation Security: Vulnerabilities Still Exist in the Aviation Security System - GAO Report

Aviation Security Hearing Before the Senate

Testimony before the House Subcommittee on Aviation: The Recent Breakdown of Aviation Negotiations Between the United States and the United Kingdom

House Testimony on Airline Competition

Changes in Airfares and Service at Buffalo - Testimony from September 20th

Testimony Before House on European Union Proposal to Ban Hushkitted Aircraft - Dugan Testimony Added

Air Traffic Control - Role of FAA's Modernization Program in Reducing Delays and Congestion - GAO Testimony | Other Testimony from Senate Hearing on Air Traffic Control

Senate Airline Labor Relations Hearing

Airline Mergers and their Effect on American Consumers
Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection