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Repair Stations and Maintenance


Part 145 Repair Station Comments  

Service Difficulty Reports

Fed Ex - Aircraft Parts Installation

Aerotech of Louisville - Inspection Procedures Manual

Austral Lineas Aereas 

Penn Air  - Allows Pilots to remove and reinstall seats

B.F. Goodrich Aerospace - Cabin Doors

Bombardier Aerospace

Alaska Air Carriers Association

BF Goodrich Aerospace

Empire Airlines - Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration

The Boeing Company

Hageland Aviation Services - GPS data card removal

GE Engine Services - Calibration standards

Certified Aviation Services Inc

Planet Airways

Midwest Express Airlines

The Boeing Company

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation - Certification Procedures for Products and Parts

GE Engine Services - Calibration standards

United Airlines

Flight Deck Door Standards - Aircraft Maintenance and Alterations

Japan Airlines Company

Era Aviation

FS Air Services - Aircraft Maintenance and Alterations

Airbus Industrie - Repair Station

The Boeing Company

JAL Engine Technology Company, Ltd. - Calibration Standards of the NMIJ

Hageland Aviation - Change Navigation Data Cards in onboard RNAV systems

Ryan Int'l - Required interim modifications

Raytheon Systems Company

Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc.

Air Jamaica

Taxu Aereo Marilia Ltda. (TAM) - Measurement Instruments Calibrations

F.S. Air Service, Inc.

Zantop International Airlines, Inc.