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Rules and Regulations


Alternative Means of Compliance for the Pilot and Command Night Takeoff and Landing Recent Flight Experience Requirements

Protection of Voluntarily Submitted Information

Special Visual Flight Rules

Passenger Facility Charges

Prohibition of Smoking on Scheduled Passenger Flights 

Certification of Airports 

Advanced Qualification Program

Flight Operational Quality Assurance Program

Review of Regulations, Request for Comments

Improved Survival Equipment for Inadvertent Water Landings

Fractional Aircraft Ownership and On-Demand Operations

Fed Ex - Alternate Airport and Fuel Requirements

Change of Using Agency for Restricted Areas R-3008ABC and D

Transportation of Persons Exhibiting Symptoms of Contagious Illness

Prohibition Against Certain Flights within the Territory and Airspace of Afghanistan

Aircraft Security Under General Operating and Flight Rules

Flightcrew Compartment Access and Door Designs

Temporary Extension of Time Allowed for Certain Training and Testing

Collision Avoidance Systems

Flight Operational Quality Assurance Program

Type Certification Procedures for Changed Products

Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Programs for Personnel Engaged in Specified Aviation Activities

Criminal History Records Checks

Proposed Realignment of Federal Airway 385(V-385) - Lubbock, TX, and Abilene, TX

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum - New York Flight Information Region (FIR) portion of West Atlantic Route System (WATRS)

Procedures for Reimbursement of Airports On-Airport Parking Lots and Vendors of On-Airfield Direct Services to Air Carriers for Security

Fire Arms, Less Than Lethal Weapons, and Emergency Services on Commercial Air Flights

Proposed Modification of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky  International Airport Class B Airspace area

Safe Disposition of Life-Limited Aircraft Parts

Airspace and Flight Operations Requirements for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Salt Lake City, UT

Proposed Modification of the Santa Ana Class C Airspace Area; CA

Lower Deck Service Compartment on Transport Category Airplanes

Revised Requirement for Material Strength Properties and Design Values for Transport Airplanes

Revisions to Various Power Plant Installation Requirements for Transport Category Airplane

Civil Penalty Inflation Adjustment Revisions

Modification of the Washington Tri-Area Class B Airspace Area - Change of Airport Name

Enhanced Security Procedures for Operating at Certain Airports in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area special Flight Rules Area

Civil Aviation Security

Proposed Revision of Jet Route 10

Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Programs for Personnel Engaged in Specified Aviation Activities

Removal of Expired Special Federal Aviation Regulations