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Vintage Props & Jets, Inc.


Order 98-3-24 Issued and Served March 25, 1998 Order to Show Cause Commuter Carrier  
    Specimen Certificate | Service List    
Order 98-4-10 Issued and Served April 9, 1998 Final Order    
    Attachment:  Commuter Air Carrier Authorization   Service List    
Order 98-6-26 Issued and Served June 24, 1998 Order Issuing Effective Commuter Authorization and Confirming Oral Action    

OST-2009-0182 - Revocation of Commuter Air Carrier Authorization

Issued and Served August 6, 2009

Order Revoking Commuter Air Carrier Authorization

By this order, we revoke the Commuter Air Carrier Authorization issued to Vintage Props & Jets, Inc. for reason of dormancy.

By letter dated July 24, 2008, the Department advised VP&J that, pursuant to section 204.7, its authority was suspended and the air carrier could not resume air transportation operations as a commuter air carrier until the Department had redetermined it fitness to do so. In that letter, we further stated that if VP&J did not resume operations within one year of its cessation, that is by July 18, 2009, the company’s commuter authority would be revoked for dormancy.

By letter dated June 15, 2009, we reminded VP&J that unless it notified the Department of its intent to resume operation on or before July 18, 2009, its authority would be revoked without further notice. In that letter, we advised the air carrier that if it did intend to resume operations, it must inform us immediately and submit data supporting the company’s continuing fitness as required by section 204.3 of our rules. The Department has received no such notice from the air carrier.

Thus, under these circumstances, and in accordance with section 204.7 of our rules, we find it appropriate to revoke the commuter air carrier authorization issued to VP&J on June 24, 1998, by Order 1998-6-26 for reason of dormancy. This action is without prejudice to the company’s filing for new authority in the future.

By: Todd Homan