Saturday, July 13, 2024
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  • Public Charter Prospectuses Updated

  • June 2024 Codeshare Report

  • DCA Slot Exemptions - Objection of United to Motion of JetBlue - "By JetBlue's Flawed Logic, Every Single Application, Including Theirs, Would be Guilty of Presenting Connectivity and Time-of-Day Benefits that are Speculative at Best, Thereby Leading to What JetBlue Melodramatically Calls 'a Flawed Evidentiary Record.' It is as if JetBlue is Trying to Rewrite the Rules of the Game Mid-Play, Hoping no one Notices the Glaring Inconsistencies in Their Own Arguments"

  • DCA Slot Exemptions - Motion of JetBlue to Disqualify United from Consideration - "There is No Legal Manner for DOT to Consider, Let Alone Grant, United's Primary Application. United's Non-Compliance with the DOT Notice Prejudices JetBlue and Other Carriers in This Proceeding"

  • Hai Au Aviation - Vietnam-US Charter Passenger

  • US-Domincan Republic - Memorandum of Consultations Signed June 28, 2024

  • Establishment of Slot Exemption Proceeding at DCA - Delta (DCA-Seattle) / Frontier (DCA-San Juan) / JetBlue (DCA-San Juan) / Southwest (DCA-Las Vegas-Sacramento) / Spirit (DCA-San Jose) / United (DCA-San Francisco) / Alaska Air (DCA-San Diego)

  • EAS at Presque Isle, ME - Consolidated Answer of JetBlue - "Does Not Believe the 'Arguments' put Forth by United and SkyWest Have Any Merit Whatsoever" - "SkyWest has Singlehandedly Done More to Undermine the EAS Program Than Any Other Airline in History Since Deregulation. It is Beyond Credulity for SkyWest to Offer Public Policy Advice on EAS to DOT"

  • Newark Schedules / EAS at Presque Isle, ME - JetBlue Request for Retirement of FAA Authorizations for United - "Now that United is Ending Service on this EAS Route, FAA Has a Perfect Opportunity to Reduce Congestion at EWR, as United States it Also Seeks To Do, by Informing United These Four Operating Authorizations will be Permanently Retired"

  • Enhancing Transparency of Airline Ancillary Service Fees - DOT Denying Request of Spirit Airlines for Stay of Effective Date - "Spirit's Letter Repeatedly Mischarachterizes the Scope and Directive of the Rule...Spirit's Novel Claim that, '[l]ow-fare new entrants are a favored class under the ADA,' is Without Merit"

  • EAS at Presque Isle, ME - Petition of SkyWest for Reconsideration of Order Selecting JetBlue - "Selection of JetBlue...Might be Best Considered a "Safety Net"...EAS Program Demands More. Deeply Concerned by DOT's Clear Divergence from the Fundamental Purpose of EAS"

OST Docket - Posted Filings

July 12th

8 Filings as of 05:30 pm ET

0 Comments as of 12:00 am ET

July 11th

10 Filings as of 02:00 pm ET

0 Comments as of 05:30 pm ET

FAA Docket - Posted Filings

July 12th

19 Filings as of 03:00 pm ET

0 Comments as of 12:00 am ET

July 11th

21 Filings as of 05:30 pm ET

0 Comments as of 12:00 am ET